Month: April 2013

Bar 595’s 2013 Coozie – TBA

After a long winter hibernation springtime finally happens in Memphis and with it also is the unofficial start to festival season. Over the years Bar 595 has celebrated this “Rite of Spring” with a 595 Coozie. For those of you who are wondering what the hell I am talking about here is a link splaining what in the hell is Bar 595. Don’t worry we will wait up for you….
The funny story about the coozie is that back in 2003 (the first coozie) we would have a Beale Street Musicfest party at the house and would give them out as souvenirs. We would order the minimum order of 110 and it would take almost a year to pass them out to our friends and they would naturally end up at various bars and beer joints. The next year when I was picking up the coozie there was a note that the owner wanted to see me before I left the store. His first question was naturally “What the hell is 595” and after I explained to him that it was the address to my house he inquired as to who I invited to the party. I kind of wondered what he was getting to as he told me that everywhere he went (Alex’s Tavern, Sleep Out Louies, Beale Street) that he would see last years coozie and wondered who all I knew. I laughed it off and said that the coozie gets around.
Now fast forward to my Bald Brother from another mother, Mike Barns, and all of his crazy travels literally that coozie gets to travel to more places than I do. One year we were down in Belize sipping some water cold beer and I overheard some other tourists mention that they were on a “Scavenger hunt” and were looking for the 595 coozie. Needless to say I was honored that a dink house bar had become a world wide name.
I can’t divulge the saying or the color on the back just yet but let me tell you that we are going back to the collapsible coozie this year is it easier to carry in shorts and ‘travels’ easier. Yes there is even a facebook fan page for the bar so feel free to ‘like’ us if you want to keep up.
2003’s Coozie – Proudly Serving South Bluffs since 1999 (the year the house was built)

2004’s Coozie – A South Bluffs Institution Since 1999
2005’s Coozie – Voted best bar in South Bluffs – 7 years running (a play on the Memphis Flyer’s BOM awards)

2006’s Coozie – Over Serving Since 1999 (we drank a bunch of beer juice in 2005)
2007’s Coozie – We are Huge in Japan! TTQ (To the Queen) This is for English Mike’s travels that saw the coozie at the North/South Korea Border and many other places.

2008’s Coozie – Stop Yelling at Me… (We ran short of 2007’s coozie and demand was high that year)
This picture makes me giggle every time I see it. This is AJ Bee a fellow crime fighter who lives out west and yet to visit us here in Memphis……..(what are you waiting for AJ?)
2009’s Coozie – It’s not braggin but We’re more famous than the Cubs, Elvis, and the McRib! (the year the McRib made a comeback)

2010’s Coozie – This was the year that I was unceremoniously shit canned from my job and we had budget cuts and couldn’t afford the ink on the back of the coozie
2011’s Coozie – My Friend, that’s my beer. (For those who know the symbolism of “My Friend” in Breast Cancer Pink)

2012’s Coozie – Free Beer & Booze on 12.22.12 (The day after the Mayan Calender was to end)

And here they are all lined up in sequential order. Stay tuned to later in the week for 2013’s coozie

Last Vacation Post – Back to the Big Smoke for Dinner

So for our last installment of The Trumpets take on Europe we headed back to the Big Smoke for one last night and have dinner with my “other” little sister Bridget, her husband Patrick and their baby “Little Jimmy”. We secured a very nice hotel thanks to Mrs Katz and were walking distance to the Royal Hall where Bridget works. We had some great drinks overlooking the Thames and even though it was cold and rainy (Again where are you Mr Sun) we had a good visit. Later that evening we had pints in a couple of different pubs/bars and retired for the evening. Again, and I can’t say how impressed we were with the mass transit, we popped on the Tube and in 30 minutes were at Heathrow Terminal 4 to board our flight back to the Colonies. As luck would have it we were able to secure first class accommodations and after a 10 hour flight we landed in Minneapolis St Paul. Mrs Trumpet and I signed up for Global Entry and let me tell you, that is worth it’s weight in gold as it is a piece of cake when clearing customs.
All in all, we had a blast and were thankful that we had great traveling companions (The Lees, Smoothie, D3, Jess, Handsome Dan & AJ) as that can make or break a trip. On advice we downloaded Viber and were able to communicate with everyone depending if we were in the same hotel or in Ireland, or wherever. Now I guess we need someone else to get married so we can do it again!

The hotel we stayed at on the last night

Still around town

For our Friend Anne

Proud Papa and Baby Jimmy
I don’t know how many of these suckers I drank but it sure was good!
AJ enjoying the Dessert Cart

The only way to travel Trans-Atlantic – First Class Baby!
 My Luggage for 10 days – Yes we carried on the entire trip and it was a godsend when navigating trains, streets and tube trips
Taken out of order but this is the Paris Train Station – Very efficient

First Day back in the US and for some reason the Guinness doesn’t taste like it does in UK but at least there Max.
To the King!

A Rare Post by CBT – Pictures of food and drink from across the pond for you Foodies

Now before I start getting a bunch of “CBT you hypocrite!” posts allow me to ‘splain myself for this photo barrage of food pics. Some good friends of ours who live in Sacramento when they go out to dinner will take a picture of the bottle of wine so that they can pick up a bottle at their favorite liquor store later. I always thought this was a smashing idea as I have from time to time found a great wine and can never remember the winery who bottled it. I recall the many different food shows who would showcase a dish and on occasion thougth “That was a neat presentation” but never had the stones to take a picture before devouring the plate. You recall my friend Ashley who took a picture of her burger from SOB don’t you? I have later learned that this is called “Blessing the food” by food bloggers so I figured when in England/Brussels/Paris do as they do.
This mad picture taking was also proof as to why I gained a dozen stones and can’t fit into my pants now as even my cousin the doctor gave me a good chewing out on my last physical. Anyway the food and drink across the pond is phenomenal and if you have the means to travel over there, by all means eat out often! Next trip I am taking extra Lipitor tablets with me as I fear my blood has been replaced by cholesterol.
Now onto the pictures.
 Lamb, Leek and Sausage Pie from “Drawn and Quartered” in London
Somewhere in Paris, I could live off of this stuff
Killer Bottle of Table wine that we drank in Brussels

For those of you who are wondering, No we didn’t get a bucket but I was amused that the line out the door was mainly Americans
 Pate Terrine – I can hear my heart saying “Stop CBT”
All that time I spent working in French Restaurants paid off as we paired this bottle of Cotes de Nuits with a cheese plate in Paris
Say what you want to about the English but they do make a killer breakfast. Make sure you try the Black Pudding too

I think this was our Hotel Wine
 Harrods puts out a great wine (that isn’t an arm and a leg expensive either)

I am not saying the Sauce Bernaise was good but yes, I am eating the rest of it with a spoon
Stinky Cheese, Ham, Salami, French Bread and Wine – The French aren’t all bad after all
Dense Chocolate Cake and Red Wine – Why Not!
 Hey Look a Chicken!

Mussels in Brussels with Pom Frittes too!
 If you look closely you will see what I call the Triple Crown of Shopping – Charcuterie (meats) Store, Formager (Cheese) Store, a Wine Store and a Grocery Store all in one block. I spent an hour here just looking

 When you do the math the produce here in Paris was much cheaper than at the Gangsta Kroger…..and way better too!

What is in there you ask? Why it is a cheese aging cooler
I had no idea what was the daily special but they have it everyday
Kind of a strange way to wash your pots and pans but hey if it works
Vegans – Translation for someone who can’t hunt of fish very well

Why the long face Mrs CBT?
Oh she didn’t have her Train Wine yet. Yep that was hard not to order a beer or glass of wine when we returned back to the states. “You mean I can only have Iced Tea? Bullshit!”
Ok so write it down, CBT took pictures of food which I normally never do.

The Trumpets Take on The Frogs (Paris)

Note to self – When spending the evening in Brussels and consuming many of those Trappist Monk beers you may want to carve in a little “downtime” before heading out to Paris. Yep those beers taste great the night before can kick your arse the next morning. Anyway off we go to the Train Station and sadly for those of you thinking you may get a good meal in the Brussels train station you are going to be disappointed. A good nap on the train and we arrive in Paris and I am starting to think that Mr Sun doesn’t visit Europe in March. No wonder the English and French drink so much, they must only get sunlight in July.
Mrs. Trumpet secured us a hotel near the Eiffel Tower and after stowing our bags and a quick lunch we headed out. We jumped on the Metro and as we were walking to the Eiffel Tower Mrs Trumpet was being followed by a pick pocket. Thankfully we already took measures and had a nice French lady stop us and warn us of pickpockets in the area. “You have to watch out for the Romanians Gypsies, they are nothing but trash!” I bet that ole Paul would be hurt hearing “Romanian Trash” but hey even Memphis has our own problem with bums.
For the trip to Paris we took a page from my man crush, Anthony Bourdain, and didn’t bother with going up in the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre but we drove by them and snapped some pictures. We took one of those “Double Decker” Buses and let me tell you, it is worth the Euros as you see all the main sites and get some history as well. We sought advice from Michelle and Mary G and let me tell you, they both have some great places to eat, drink and see. We had a good time in Paris and defiantly will be back. Now on to the pictures. 
 Heading to the Train to Paris (with a monumental hangover)
 We really need to get these in the US
Old time Departure board with the scrolling letters
As close as I got to to it
St Germain Area
 View from our Hotel room (Again where are you Mr Sun?)
I love this country, OTB everywhere you look!
Our View from the Double Decker Bus
 I would love to have the window cleaning contract on that sucker

Oh yeah, we blend!
Booksellers along the West Bank
 Some Arch de something
Not sure what was going on here but it is kind of nice to have a police escort when navigating the streets of Paris
 Yeah, we didn’t figure out the Metro very well on this trip – They don’t speak English here.
Yep, this was a Metro ride that we got lost and had to double back