A Rare Post by CBT – Pictures of food and drink from across the pond for you Foodies

Now before I start getting a bunch of “CBT you hypocrite!” posts allow me to ‘splain myself for this photo barrage of food pics. Some good friends of ours who live in Sacramento when they go out to dinner will take a picture of the bottle of wine so that they can pick up a bottle at their favorite liquor store later. I always thought this was a smashing idea as I have from time to time found a great wine and can never remember the winery who bottled it. I recall the many different food shows who would showcase a dish and on occasion thougth “That was a neat presentation” but never had the stones to take a picture before devouring the plate. You recall my friend Ashley who took a picture of her burger from SOB don’t you? I have later learned that this is called “Blessing the food” by food bloggers so I figured when in England/Brussels/Paris do as they do.
This mad picture taking was also proof as to why I gained a dozen stones and can’t fit into my pants now as even my cousin the doctor gave me a good chewing out on my last physical. Anyway the food and drink across the pond is phenomenal and if you have the means to travel over there, by all means eat out often! Next trip I am taking extra Lipitor tablets with me as I fear my blood has been replaced by cholesterol.
Now onto the pictures.
 Lamb, Leek and Sausage Pie from “Drawn and Quartered” in London
Somewhere in Paris, I could live off of this stuff
Killer Bottle of Table wine that we drank in Brussels

For those of you who are wondering, No we didn’t get a bucket but I was amused that the line out the door was mainly Americans
 Pate Terrine – I can hear my heart saying “Stop CBT”
All that time I spent working in French Restaurants paid off as we paired this bottle of Cotes de Nuits with a cheese plate in Paris
Say what you want to about the English but they do make a killer breakfast. Make sure you try the Black Pudding too

I think this was our Hotel Wine
 Harrods puts out a great wine (that isn’t an arm and a leg expensive either)

I am not saying the Sauce Bernaise was good but yes, I am eating the rest of it with a spoon
Stinky Cheese, Ham, Salami, French Bread and Wine – The French aren’t all bad after all
Dense Chocolate Cake and Red Wine – Why Not!
 Hey Look a Chicken!

Mussels in Brussels with Pom Frittes too!
 If you look closely you will see what I call the Triple Crown of Shopping – Charcuterie (meats) Store, Formager (Cheese) Store, a Wine Store and a Grocery Store all in one block. I spent an hour here just looking

 When you do the math the produce here in Paris was much cheaper than at the Gangsta Kroger…..and way better too!

What is in there you ask? Why it is a cheese aging cooler
I had no idea what was the daily special but they have it everyday
Kind of a strange way to wash your pots and pans but hey if it works
Vegans – Translation for someone who can’t hunt of fish very well

Why the long face Mrs CBT?
Oh she didn’t have her Train Wine yet. Yep that was hard not to order a beer or glass of wine when we returned back to the states. “You mean I can only have Iced Tea? Bullshit!”
Ok so write it down, CBT took pictures of food which I normally never do.


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