Bar 595’s 2013 Coozie – TBA

After a long winter hibernation springtime finally happens in Memphis and with it also is the unofficial start to festival season. Over the years Bar 595 has celebrated this “Rite of Spring” with a 595 Coozie. For those of you who are wondering what the hell I am talking about here is a link splaining what in the hell is Bar 595. Don’t worry we will wait up for you….
The funny story about the coozie is that back in 2003 (the first coozie) we would have a Beale Street Musicfest party at the house and would give them out as souvenirs. We would order the minimum order of 110 and it would take almost a year to pass them out to our friends and they would naturally end up at various bars and beer joints. The next year when I was picking up the coozie there was a note that the owner wanted to see me before I left the store. His first question was naturally “What the hell is 595” and after I explained to him that it was the address to my house he inquired as to who I invited to the party. I kind of wondered what he was getting to as he told me that everywhere he went (Alex’s Tavern, Sleep Out Louies, Beale Street) that he would see last years coozie and wondered who all I knew. I laughed it off and said that the coozie gets around.
Now fast forward to my Bald Brother from another mother, Mike Barns, and all of his crazy travels literally that coozie gets to travel to more places than I do. One year we were down in Belize sipping some water cold beer and I overheard some other tourists mention that they were on a “Scavenger hunt” and were looking for the 595 coozie. Needless to say I was honored that a dink house bar had become a world wide name.
I can’t divulge the saying or the color on the back just yet but let me tell you that we are going back to the collapsible coozie this year is it easier to carry in shorts and ‘travels’ easier. Yes there is even a facebook fan page for the bar so feel free to ‘like’ us if you want to keep up.
2003’s Coozie – Proudly Serving South Bluffs since 1999 (the year the house was built)

2004’s Coozie – A South Bluffs Institution Since 1999
2005’s Coozie – Voted best bar in South Bluffs – 7 years running (a play on the Memphis Flyer’s BOM awards)

2006’s Coozie – Over Serving Since 1999 (we drank a bunch of beer juice in 2005)
2007’s Coozie – We are Huge in Japan! TTQ (To the Queen) This is for English Mike’s travels that saw the coozie at the North/South Korea Border and many other places.

2008’s Coozie – Stop Yelling at Me… (We ran short of 2007’s coozie and demand was high that year)
This picture makes me giggle every time I see it. This is AJ Bee a fellow crime fighter who lives out west and yet to visit us here in Memphis……..(what are you waiting for AJ?)
2009’s Coozie – It’s not braggin but We’re more famous than the Cubs, Elvis, and the McRib! (the year the McRib made a comeback)

2010’s Coozie – This was the year that I was unceremoniously shit canned from my job and we had budget cuts and couldn’t afford the ink on the back of the coozie
2011’s Coozie – My Friend, that’s my beer. (For those who know the symbolism of “My Friend” in Breast Cancer Pink)

2012’s Coozie – Free Beer & Booze on 12.22.12 (The day after the Mayan Calender was to end)

And here they are all lined up in sequential order. Stay tuned to later in the week for 2013’s coozie


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