Taking Our Show on the Road!

Life at the Casa de Trumpet wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a little project to do each and every year. Over the past years we (well it was more Momma) kicked Cancer’s ass, did renovations that raised our blood pressure and went across the pond for a wedding of a dear friend. It was during our trip to merry old England (the land without sun) that we both realized that we could exist in a small place. While we were in Brussels we stayed in a 400 square foot condo that had a bed, small kitchenette, bathroom and sitting room. As we were doing laundry (again, Momma was doing laundry, I was drinking beer) one of us made the comment; “we really should downsize and move into a smaller joint and use that money to take more/better vacations.”  The seed was planted and about 60 days ago we re-visited the discussion again. Houses in South Bluffs were starting to sell and one night momma, me and the dogs decided it was time to go back to the roots of 38103. 
This August marks 20 years for us both being downtown (she was in Gayoso House, and I was in Union Commons) and we both realized that there really isn’t any other place to live in Memphis than downtown. After we got married we lived in 71 Union for 3 years and loved the joint except that we both badly needed a second bathroom. It was back in 1999 that we sold our joint and moved into our existing joint in South Bluffs. Back then we were still toying with the idea of having a kid, we had a storage unit that we were paying to store our shit and we needed a bigger place.
Fast forward to current day and we traded in the kid idea for two poodles and, we still managed to fill this house with a bunch of stuff and yet we only really inhabit 1200 square feet of our 2200 square foot house. You know on those “House Hunter” shows they put down the list of “needs” for the new house? Our list wasn’t that bad considering our needs are pretty small in the grand scheme of things;

  1. Need a second Bathroom for the morning constitutional.
  2. Parking is adjacent to the building so that we don’t have to lug groceries down the street and we can walk into our unit/hallway.
  3. Balcony so that Carbunkle Trumpet can still enjoy his cigars and play on Facebook work on the computer.
  4. One Bedroom possibly a second bedroom or a ‘flex’ room to get away from each other.
  5. Whomever we sell our existing house to that they keep the bar for posterity reasons.
  6. We had to sell our existing house first then we would move forward with the acquiring the second house.
  7. Something small enough that we can turn it into a meat locker as Momma still is suffering from Hot Flashes.

So to get the ball moving we hired a handyman to make some minor repairs, thankfully we just completed the major exterior repairs to the house this past spring so we had that going for us. We located a suitable condo in the core of downtown and since Momma in her previous life was a real estate agent we were going to sell 595 For Sale by Owner. No sooner than we had the repairs competed we were given an offer on our house and we accepted it. That night that we got the offer we both were laying in bed and I looked over to Mrs. Trumpet and said “Well this shit just got real! I am a little freaked out.” So was she but we tendered an offer on the condo and currently we are in negotiations.
Thankfully since this isn’t our first rodeo, we realize that if this deal doesn’t go through we will still sell our house and worst case scenario we move into a month to month joint after we sell our crap. Yep folks, soon there will be a huge arse estate sale and if you have always wanted to have that Elvis Bust that sits on the mantel it may be yours for the right price. We both determined that the only things we are going to move to the next joint (either our new home or temporary one) will be the new couch, a queen size bed, some bedroom furniture and some pictures. If you have every visited the Casa de Trumpet you will know that there is a lot of other stuff that we are going to sell so keep your ears to the ground when we do set a date to purge our crap.
I posted a couple weeks back that we were going to move and this past weekend I heard everything from “Good for you” to “Have you lost your ever loving mind?” which is to be expected. My father is having a hard time understanding why I want to get rid of my Big Green Egg but the new joint won’t allow me to fire it up on a balcony and we have found a good home for him (the smoker, not my dad).  If you really think of it, people we know downtown traditionally move from a 3000 mansion in East Memphis to a house the size of ours and here we go to the extreme but that is how we roll. I am kind of looking forward to walking to get my carton of milk 12 pack of beer, walking to the Red Bird Games, hearing street traffic, getting to know the bums on a first name basis, and not having to mow the little arse grass that we currently have.  We were asked by a certain tavern/sports bar if we were still going to frequent his establishment and I assured him that there is only one “sports bar” in downtown and we will be riding the trolley to see him on Saturday and Sundays.
Oh and as far as the new owners of Bar 595, not to worry they promise to keep the bar in tact and I am sure that they will love our joint as much as we did. I just hope that they can get the mental image of me walking around the house naked as a jaybird out of their minds in the first year or at least have enough beer to drink that image out of their heads.

I will keep you posted….

And everyone snickered when I put that there would be a second location opening soon.

 Our “First” old Joint on Union Avenue (Second floor windows on the left)
 Our old Courtyard at Union Commons
Soon to be under New Management (Late August is the tentative closing date)
Yeah I will miss the Big Green Egg and the outside cooking area but I am trading that in for over 75 restaurants within a 5 mile radius.
This could be the new Carbunkle Trumpet Location (pending some negotiations) and look it has a bar on the bottom level. I just hope that they have better service than from years past.

Going to have to get used to these suckers running behind schedule again.
Oh and not to worry, Ms. Lentini or Mr. Barns, we will still leave the light on for you. We did have to get approval from our current dog/house sitters before we went ahead and listed our house as we couldn’t bear the thought of not having them squat at our joint when we went on our vacations. She was fine with it as long as she has a parking spot and his first comment was “Hell YES, I am closer to Bar Dog!”

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