The BRONX BBQ Throw down & Symposium 2013

As one gets older you always remember your first. It could be your first car, house, child, but in the case of our buddy Jimmy this can also apply to your first smoker. Jimmy is a frequent participant at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ as he makes the trip from the safe haven of the Bronx along with some other buddies as they wreak havoc on downtown Memphis. Mrs. Trumpet and I were fortunate to get to know Jimmy and his wife on trips to Mexico and this years trip across the pond to the land without sun. Jimmy’s wife on his 40th birthday this past month decided to not only give him a second child but get him a big boy/not messing around “Made in the USA” smoker. This past BBQ fest he researched the different indirect smokers that the various teams use down in Tom Lee Park and decided upon a Lang reverse flow smoker that is made in Georgia. Knowing that he needed some direction on how to use the smoker the call was made to some of us here in Memphis to get the “A Team” up to the Bronx for a weekend symposium. Given that Jimmy’s wife is 9 months pregnant we decided that this past weekend would be the perfect time to put the Lang to the test and cook Memphis Championship BBQ in the Bronx. The team that made the trip was an All Star cast of beer drinkers Pitmasters and it included; PorkOsaurus President and Pitmaster Guido, Grand Champion of Beef Justin, Wing Master and Side Dish extraordinaire AJ, his wife Val and Amatuer Porn Star and Sauce Man yours truly.
We arrived in NYC Thursday evening and made our way to the local watering hole, The Rambling House, and ended the night with a late night meal at the Chippa Wagon. Needless to say we were moving a little slow on Friday but like any professional we muddled through it and went shopping. Let me just say that provision shopping in the Bronx is unlike anything that you have experienced. We made our way to the Little Italy section of the Bronx and visited the local butcher and Italian Market with huge grins on our faces as they don’t mess around in the Bronx, these places are legit. A trip to the local Costco and grocery store our menu was ready for Friday and Saturday’s meals. Oh I failed to mention that we also visited the liquor store as if you are going to do anything around a smoker, you have to do it with a bloody Mary in your hand!
Friday’s Menu included; Smoked Leg of Lamb, Beef Braciole, Rum and Banana Island glazed pork tenderloin, stuffed Italian tomatoes, and Summer Tomato Pie. Friday night was perfect except for the 100 degree Bronx heat and a good time was had by all. We behaved somewhat as we all knew that Saturday was a full day and we had to get ready for the Symposium for some invited guests.
Saturday started very early as we had to smoke some Boston Butts, prep 9 racks of ribs, and various other items. Guido and Justin lead the “How to select the perfect rib” and demonstrated how to trim, peel and make ribs that are “Championship/Judging” worthy. Following that demo it was my turn to demonstrate how to make various BBQ sauces and glazes for your meat. A light lunch of Tour Guide prepared Belizean Fish was served and then it was all hands on deck to get ready for dinner. We used the ole method of “Stall, Stall, Stall, get your guests drunk, Stall some more then when they are good and liquored up you feed them and as we all know when you are drunk food tastes fantastic!”  Saturday’s menu included; Pulled Pork Butts, Championship Ribs, Smoked Cabbage, Smoked Mac & Cheese, Mexico City Corn on the cob and grilled chicken thighs. Ole Phil brought some killer Italian desserts and we washed it down with plenty of beer and high dollar scotch. Of the 30 guests we served, there were some happy and full folks. Needles to say, everyone had a great time and came away with some different techniques on how to cook your meat. Now onto the pictures;
Here is the Lang all ready to for a weekend of smoking. Sadly we decided we will need a bigger smoker for next years Throw down and Symposium
Some of the Memphis Crew headed to the Big Apple. Poor Val found out the hard way that AJ and I when 30,000 feet above the ground have a little flatulence problem
 Poor Justin worked for hours on his dish of stuffed peppers (well worth it thought)
Ready for the Grill

Guido and his meat
Oh there are no lies being told here, none what so ever

The Backyard of Casa de Lee (how about this backyard in the Bronx)

Island glazed Pork Tenderloin

Friday’s dinner spread
Cigars, Good Scotch and Good Friends
Saturday’s Event Shirt – Thanks again Bruce!

The Banner for the event 

Smoked Boston Butts getting some love and a mop by newly initiated Jimmy Lee
Guido and Justin conducting the Rib 101 class
Nice Shoes there Guido

AJ helping diagramming the various cuts of the Pig for Guido

Everyone got involved in trimming the Ribs for Saturday’s dinner
Guido helping Pepe with his rib trimming session
Val enjoying that all she has to do is look pretty as all the boys get dinner ready

Now it is my turn for bullshitting giving the Sauce Lecture

Don’t hate the player or the shoes
Giving everyone a sample on how to make a good sauce for an exceptional pork product

Guido and I post lecture
Some of the guests who sat in on our demonstrations

Packed house for the Bronx BBQ Boogie Down
Handsome Dan and Jess
Val and D3 comparing notes on how to keep their sanity during weekend Boys Only Trips

Almost ready for serving (Hey Ruthie, notice that nice color and glaze on dem ribs?)

Saturday’s Spread
The Lee’s (God Bless Erin who is 9 month pregnant for putting up with us over the weekend)
We named and christened the smoker “Blue”
Again, thanks to our friends in the Bronx for a great weekend and for putting up with us as we had a blast and will be back!


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