Post Boogie Down Re-Cap

So after the smoker cooled down on Sunday morning our trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a Major League Baseball Game. Sadly the Yankees were in Boston so we ended up with making a trip to see the Mets (NYC’s poor man’s team) play the Phillies. After the game we ended up seeing where all the Mufflers in NYC are repaired and had some beers at the local watering hole inside the stadium. After a quick shower we were invited to Phil’s firehouse in the Bronx for Sunday Dinner. Let me tell you right now, that all those stories of how good the firefighters eat in those firehouses is 100% true and many thanks to the boys of Engine 48 Ladder 56 for a killer Chicken Parm, it rocked!
Monday was departure day for the remaining 4 of us as we said goodbye to Val on Sunday as we dropped her off at LGA on our way to Citi Field. AJ and I ‘volunteered’ to take the direct flight from LGA to MEM and as we were seated in our exit row we were told that LaGuardia was closed due to an ‘incident’ by a SouthWest plane on the Tarmac. A couple more drinks in the Delta Departure lounge and the 4 junior pitmasters were welcomed to an empty Memphis Airport.
Again, thanks to all those who attended the Bronx Boogie Down BBQ Symposium and we are now taking reservations for next years Boogie. I assure you it will be bigger and better (and hopefully cooler) than this year.
The Bushes at the Lee house grow beer cans, who knew?

Bar 595 – Corrupting the youth of America, one bottle at a time!

It isn’t Wrigley but it will do! 

Ahem RAB, he didn’t remove his cap during the playing of “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch……..

Good thing the beers in Citi Field were cold, and we had our coozies!

Bye Val-O-Rie!
The Poor Philly fans need to take a chapter out of the Cub’s playbook

Oh we snickered at this vendor inside Citi Field

Why is Jess choked up you ask? Recall the trip to the Land without the sun when she got so tickled on that couch?
Yep, she spilled a beer. No that isn’t pee between Justin’s feet it is Jess’ spilled beer.
Sorry Ladies, both of these boys are off the market. Guido too!

Thankfully we didn’t have to give this woman medical attention like we did in Mexico. Well then again, I don’t know how to wrap a liver.

I learned this from our trip to England, we don’t call this a Fanny Pack but a Bum Bag. Anyway, he looses cool points for a poor showing.

As you exit Citi Field you can also get your Muffler fixed (or stolen and buy it back at the next home game)
Reminded me of Belize with the non-paved streets.

Prior to the “incident”

Had to have some Jerked Chicken as we were waiting to pick up some Cigars by Yankee Stadium

Cigars in hand, let’s go to the Bronx where we are safe.

Thankfully the boys didn’t have to make any ‘runs’ while we broke bread with the firemen

Guido and Phil (who may or may not have some BBQ dry rub stashed in his shorts)
Guido realized that he didn’t have to make this face as No shots were harmed this weekend.

Notice the Blue Bags by Blue the Smoker – Yep that is ‘some’ of our recycle for Thursday

I bet that the Lee house sounds like a house in South Bluffs on Recycle Day
Soon there will be 2 wearing diapers in this house.

Waiting it out in the Delta Lounge 

No this isn’t an ad for Weight Watchers.
Thankfully nobody was hurt in this landing 

Here is Bartlett Native SS calling her mother saying “Mommy, there are downtowners here and they scare me!”
Again, a great trip was had by all!

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