Do we really need the microwaveable bacon tray in New York?

Why Bless your heart.
Say someone goes from a 2200 square foot house that some D.I.N.K.s (Double income no kids) filled that sucker with 2 Christmas trees, the infamous “I know I only go fishing one time a year but I need all this fishing gear” and one or both has the beginning signs of Hoarding. (Yes I know that I am bad about run on sentences, print this out, take a red pen to it and send it to me.) Then that couple gets pissed they spent 5K on some exterior wood repair, sell said house to some friends and move into a 1300 square foot condo in the core. Now life was good for 18 months till momma gets a job as an Uber driver in NYC so they decide to move to the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
They acquire an apartment but will pay double the price for a studio apartment that is only 535 square feet. Let me type that again for those who are rubbing their eyes thinking that CBT is still on the sauce this morning. A 535 square foot studio that is double the cost of their 1300 square foot condo in Memphis!
What do you do?  How do you pack for that? How are we going to sell our Jeep and BMW? What goes, what stays? What do you mean there is only one shitter in this apartment? Welcome to our current situation as we are T minus 24 hours before we depart. We decided about 6 weeks ago to sell all of our furniture and downsize again. Currently packed in boxes are; clothes, artwork, 2 blow up beds (more on that later) and some folding stadium chairs that for the grace of God we still keep up with. As we started the “housing cleanse” we decided to have two piles; going to NYC & going to the estate sale. So far it has been an easy process as one really doesn’t need 4 French whisks, borrowed rocks glasses from the local drinking establishments or 3 different Cubs Jerseys with players names who are long gone from that or organization.
This does raise the question that we will soon find out on Wednesday between noon and 1:30 as that is our move in slot on Wednesday, will all this shit fit in our new joint? Now if does, will there be enough room to move around but more importantly, where is the second bathroom?

We shall see.


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