What part of the South you from boy?

For my two readers that have been wondering where in the world I have been, I am happy to announce that we are still alive and getting used to things here in the Upper East Side. We made the 1300 mile journey, didn’t get our stuff jacked, moved it all in (thanks to Dan) and have been searching for cheap Bud Light. We are currently waiting on wifi and all that jazz so once that get’s in place I promise I will do better. Till then, enjoy Dead Elvis Week and I will be back to you in no time. Yes we have a new blog vehicle as the old one was pissing me off to no end. Give me some time as I get the page set up as it, much like our studio is a mess. So far the count is as follows;

What part of the south you from boy?- 1

I love your accent, please keep talking – 0

So I bet you love country music and are married to your sister right? – 0


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