Que the Jefferson’s Theme Song

Why bless your heart, you mean to tell me that you are still here?

So we are celebrating a milestone here at the Trumpet household today. We have been Upper East Side residents for a week and didn’t kill each other adjusting to a 535 square foot studio. Thanks to car and truck service by ML & JL we were able to get to IKEA in Red hook to get some furniture. We got a bed (waiting on mattress delivery currently), shoe caddy (for momma/Imelda Marcos), dresser (I hope to get at least a drawer) and some lamps (why no ceiling lighting) and soon will acquire a couch. The white dog is starting to get used to peeing on the cobblestones near the trees or in the street and this weekend I will go get red dog and bring her back to the 10021 (that’s our zip code). We cooked our first meal in the kitchen and determined that I can work in a galley kitchen even thought it is hotter than 2 rats screwing in a wool sock warm and made a trip to Trader Joes.

So far we have eaten at some really cool joints thanks to recommendations by our friends; J.G. Melon (great burgers), Blondies in the Upper West Side (Wings as good as Rock-Mo’s), Defonte’s Sandwich Shop in Red Hook (a sandwich that you would kill for), 2nd Avenue Deli (Kosher deli that is worthy of taking visitors to), and Flex Mussels in the West Village (Steamer pots with ML & Blanche). So for the next couple of days we will need to allow our blood level to get back to normal in our Cholesterol system and will eat at home. Who knows maybe I can grab a cigar at the Cigar inn on 73rd street if I do my chores.

*editors note – now that we have Wifi in the joint I plan on at least doing 3 to 4 blog posts a week. Next on tap “The middle eastern woman who loved my hair and legs”, “Oh please keep talking baby, I find your accent so refreshing” and “Do people not look into mirrors before they leave their homes?”

Killer Pastrami and Corned Beef from 2nd Ave Deli

Killer Pastrami & Corned Beef sandwich from 2nd Ave Deli

Get the Red Hook Special

Get the Red Hook Special, you will love it!

Enjoying a beer near Union Square

Enjoying a beer near Union Square

All Loaded in

All Loaded in

Our new digs in the Upper East Side

Our new digs in the Upper East Side


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