Want to leave New York City with a Million Dollars in your pocket?

Bring 2 million dollars when you arrive!!!

Sorry it’s an old joke that one my dear friends from Belize once told me and I adapted it to NYC. Seems like everyone that we told we were moving to NYC that had a negative comments was “Well I hope you have lots of money because it is expensive to live up there!” Yes we did factor the cost of goods into our decision before selling all of our crap and driving 17 hours, we also don’t plan on eating at the chefs table at Le Bernardin every night either. It kind of reminded me when we moved to the core and were slung up at the Majestic for 4 nights in a row while we were waiting on WiFi and Cable TV. Share an appetizer, order 2 entrees, beers, and a couple glasses of wine and you are spending close to a bean or bean and a half depending on how many beers that Mrs. Trumpet had at Lisa’s bar. Not everyone can do that so we tapered it down and started making and eating meals in our condo and low and behold, we weren’t blowing a paycheck on dinner and drinks.

Guess what. we are doing the same up here in NYC. We have found some great food markets, the street vendors with the produce can’t be beat and let me tell you readers of Memphis TN – If Trader Joes comes to town you better hope they carry their private label wines because it is great and cheap too! Currently we are in the process on Thursday nights and Sunday-Funday afternoon of finding dive bars that sell the kind of beer we like; Cheap and Ice Cold! So far we have found a couple of those joints and are ready to show our incoming visitors who have placed reservations at Studio 1330. Sure we plan on taking our guests to see the fancy joints on their visit but who doesn’t love a Street Meat gyro that weighs a pound and only costs $4.00. We also have started to get to know some bartenders/servers/owners while out having drinks and have found that they may charge you full price for drinks but they are more than happy to ‘buy back’ a couple while you are sitting there. Lets see one of the bars on Beale Street or the hotel with the ducks in it do that.

Anyway life is coming together up here in the UES (Upper East Side abbreviation that took me a week to figure out what the hell it meant) and we are adapting. My plan on having everyone in our building speaking southern by Halloween is right on track.  Still can’t find Snapple Sweet Tea up here and I get laughed at by the street vendors when I ask for it.

IMG_8581This was the first joint that we found when we came up to interview. The bartender asked us if we just moved into the neighborhood as in his words “Only people who live up here drink like you guys do”


I will have a Lamb and Chicken Gyro, light on the white sauce but extra hot sauce and napkins.

Beer Sign

Yeah, just keep walking folks, nothing to see here

And for those who have been bugging me, yes I will do a post about the studio and let you see what we have done so far. Keep your shirt on, we are busy up here!


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