595 > 95 > 1330 or as we see it 2200 square feet > 1300 square feet > 535 square feet (Pictures of the Studio in NYC)

Why yes darling, you would be correct in that those first set of numbers were/are our street numbers from our previous and now current addresses. A many number of you have asked for pictures of our joint. And when I say many I mean the 3 people who are thinking of asking us if they can crash on the blow up bed or get that Air BnB Mini Van that is parked on Central Park West. Please allow me to now showcase you our new palatial pad but please keep up as this will go quick.

IMG_2833Open the door and this the entrance to the Pad, oh look there is Maya welcoming you to the house!


Here is our Storage Room/Crap that we don’t know where to put and Cleaning Stuff.

IMG_2844Here is Momma’s Closet and please notice that she has acquired the largest one in the joint. (insert Jewish Grandmother comment of “Doesn’t matter”)

IMG_2841And here is the Kitchen or the Right side of the Kitchen as we call it


Here is the Left side of the kitchen where we have our full size range and oven (hell yes)


Here is where Maddy and Maya Crash during the day. Pay no attention to the plastic totes, that will be where we have the bookshelf


Here is where the Dining Room Table and Chairs will go. Just close your eyes and picture a 6 person seated area with a folding table that we will get from IKEA soon.


Now (again keep up with me folks) here is the living room and our new couch that is the same make and model of our old one from Memphis but just smaller.


Here is the Entertainment Center for the Living Room


And here is the bedroom. For those of you wondering, the artwork over the bed was created by our good friend Lindsey Doty who now resides South, oh no Sugar, much further South of the Mason Dixon line. (LD, we will see you very soon, we love you!)


And here is our entertainment center for the bedroom (Yes that is the same TV, but just on a swivel)


And here is Imelda Marco’s Shobo’s Shoe Closet


Here is the rather long hallway to the bathroom.


More storage and our laundry hampers. For those of you who are now openly snickering about the many pairs of short pants hanging in the closet I am taking notes. That is not funny and may I remind you that I am huge in the Middle East


Bathroom which is larger than my first bathroom when I lived in the Shrine Building many moons ago.


Here is my closet (Stop laughing about the picture of my tiny pants hanging in the closet)


Here is our view out of our bedroom window. Sadly there will no longer be naked yoga with the blinds open as the residents on the other side of the building can sure as shit see into our studio. Or maybe that is why that Middle Eastern woman was giving me mad props at the Food Emporium


Here is the view out of our living room window. As you can see we do have a common area that has a nice outdoor space




Now please pay attention to what I am pointing at. You see that outdoor space that is off in the distance? THEY NEVER USE IT! I mean I would kill to have something like that (Granted that entire space is probably larger than this postage stamp) I mean DAMNIT MAN!


Oh I did fail to mention that on Pubic Access TV they feature the racing channel. I love this town! Who gives two flips if there are nekkid woman wearing body paint and a smile in Times Square, they have horse racing on the TV. Max & Brad Pee – You see this!

IMG_2854Last picture of the condo. In this picture you will see two plastic totes that house the blow up beds, spare sheets and guest towels. So what are you waiting for? Reservations are filling up and I understand that the Winter’s are a bitch here.

Now be a dear and fetch me my dark trousers, I need to go visit the Cigar bar this afternoon!



  1. The less you have the more time you have…it’s like Billy Bob Thorton in the Bad Santa Movie, “do you people really need all this crap”. Now we don’t … Proud of you for making the living slim down… we did it you can too. Smooches RDD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Where did you put the lil’ bastid? I don’t see him anywhere… no reference to him at all… did you leave him at a rest stop along the way.. or in a hot car? I’m beginning to wonder, should we be worried. I didn’t even see a mark on the wall to chart his growth. hummmmmmm….


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