Let me hail us a Water Taxi!

Happy Monday! I am happy to report that we survived another weekend in the Big Apple and didn’t get mugged, shot, or even picked up by prostitutes in Times Square. Wait…isn’t that the normal perception of New York from Southerners who lived in “Crime-Free” Memphis? Anyway it was a great weekend and so far I am loving that I have 1. not gotten bit by a mosquito, 2. not had to ‘Gold Bond’ up before walking out in Africa Hot temps and 3. turned into one of those sour pus faced people I see on the streets all the time (wait till winter, I hear). This past weekend we entertained some friends on Friday night with Tuna Noodle Casserole, rode a boat to IKEA in Red Hook, wasted 2 hours of our life on what should have been a 20 minute subway ride down to Freedom Tower to see a former HS buddy and found a new watering hole in the UES. Now for those of you scratching your head saying “you took a WHAT to IKEA?” you read correctly, we took a water taxi from Wall Street over to IKEA. I have to admit, it was easy considering the line to get on that sucker was long as the NY Water Taxi folks do a great job moving people around. I know that my old hometown (kind of strange typing that you know) is slated to get one of those suckers next year and I have to say to those 2 readers who are wasting their lunch hour reading this “You are going to love how efficient and stream lined it is!” I had once read online that only those who need serious medication go to Target or IKEA on the weekend in New York and I was skeptical on making that call but I was getting tired of eating my dinner from my lap and showering with the door closed but it wasn’t that bad and the lines moved fairly quick.

Saturday night we were to meet up with an old HS buddy and his wife as they just finished up doing a Harley Ride to commemorate the September 11th attacks. I pulled up my trusty HopStop app and to get to the Wall Street station I had to again take the 6 to the 4 and get off at Wall Street. As we were at our 68th & Lex Metro Station they were running Express trains on the local routes due to maintenance so we were able to catch the 4 at our stop where we normally would have to catch it at 59th Street- BIG MISTAKE #1! Well it seems that the 4 had turned into a local and we stopped at EVERY FECKING STATION! If that wasn’t bad enough, because of everything being delayed from maintenance at the Canal Street Station we were held by the dispatcher pretty much every stop – BIG MISTAKE #2! As we could have broken our own rule (Take Taxi/Uber rides or Have Drinks Out) because I figured that the streets were empty because EVERYONE in the free world was in our subway car! Anyway we finally got down to see SK & JK and had a lovely time visiting with them. Oh and if you were wondering, yes the ride back uptown took longer than anticipated but at least we were ‘greased’ so it made the trip go faster.

Sunday I made a trip over to get some Bagels and we put (well when I say we, I helped take the boxes to the trash room) the furniture that got delivered in the morning together. Naturally I went over to see the boys at the Cigar Inn and learned that I know absolutely NOTHING about the different varietals of Olive Oil and that the New York Yankees are called Factory Workers. Later we went out for some afternoon libations and decided to take our show on the road and head uptown on 2nd Avenue. I had seen The Stumble Inn earlier in the week and wanted to give it a go as it seemed to be a good place. As we were about to get to our destination we happened to come up on a chalkboard A frame for Iggy’s and low and behold we may have found a college football watching beer joint. Shotgun shaped joint, the beer is cold, cheap and they jam some classic Rock Music at a proper “You got to yell in order for someone to hear you” volume. It also reminds me a little of that Gay Bar on Jackson Avenue run by my favorite Greek Tavern Owner as it is dark in there and there are some characters in there.

It was indeed a good weekend!

IMG_8641Friday, I went down to Wall Street and sent this “selfie” to my buddy JL and said “They never heard of you here” and I promise that I had nothing to do with the dumpster sale that is now the Dow

FullSizeRenderOn the boat Water Taxi to IKEA we got to see the Biotch in the Harbor. So we can scratch that off the list now.


M’ Effin Train delays! Who do I blame for this CRAP! Oh I forgot I blame De Blasio for this!


See that Gagopa Karaoke comment on that check in? Yeah that is the infamous Korea Town Karaoke night where we missed our flights but I rocked it singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” so I got that going for me!


Got to love a bar that uses candles rather than overhead lighting. Makes me look younger and better looking


Yes they actually use that sucker, like I said, Iggy’s is leading the polls for “Home Bar” competition


Thanks to AV for the recommendation of Patsy’s Pizza for our Sunday Dinner, it was good!

On a side note, we do wish our friends in Belize and Indiana have safe travels to Dale Hollow Lake this weekend and oh yeah, “Feck Charlie!”


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