Street Meat Dining in NYC in the Financial District

I have always heard that one could eat 3 square meals in NYC at a different place for an entire year and never eat at the same place twice. Yeah you could say that the food culture is HUGE here, I was not a big of chain restaurants back in Memphis but I have noticed that it is rare that you find a chain fast food joint here in the city. And if you do, I noticed that they will deliver to you which scares the hell out of me considering the obesity problem that the US has. Anyway I got called out by one of my friends for the lack of Street Meat reporting and to be honest, I could change the name of this silly blog and spend days reporting on Food Trucks and Food Carts and never have a repeat either. So in an effort not to discriminate against anyone I will try to do this methodical and report on the street offerings geographically rather than a broad stroke. Seriously, according to one of the websites I found that there are over 57 different cuisine offerings here in NYC. We ain’t taking just meat in tube form folks, they have a freaking Maple Syrup cart for Pete’s sake!

I have always been a fan of street meat vendors and it wasn’t just because of my man crush of Anthony Bourdain and his love of it either. I recall eating my weight in Lucky Dogs down in the French Quarter at an early age and always loved the Central Park food vendors on my favorite Belizean island. Sure there will always be those who say “It isn’t safe and it is unhealthy” but those are probably the same folks who eat those Chicken McNuggets at the Golden Arches so eff off! Anyway I will try to devote at least one post every 2 weeks to the Street Meat offerings, I hope that is good with you L.B.

Now for those who have lived in a bubble for the past 10 years there are 3 main types of street meat vendors; Food Truck (cook the food in the truck – Duh), Food Cart (tow or push that sucker to the location), and Food Vendor (someone who cooks under a tent or temporary structure). To be even more technical – Food Carts can either be a “cook the food inside” type or a “stand on the street and cook over a flat top”. I know, I probably lost a couple of you by now so on to the pictures.

IMG_8679Here is a classic Breakfast Cart that has a dollar fifty bagel and from what I understand a decent cup of coffee. Sadly they screw you on the schmear and don’t put as much as some of the bagel joints we have in the UES.

IMG_8683“What is this Sludge?”

IMG_8681Grabbed a Shawarma here the other day and it was good. $4.00 for over a pound of meat and it is good!

IMG_8680L.B. is probably drooling on her iFoam right now but I have to disappoint her. It really was underwhelming.

IMG_8694Here is a Taco/Mexican cart that smelled unbelievable.

IMG_8546Here is an example of a stand on the street and cook over a flat top cart. Oh and his Gyro is killer too! #extrawhitesauce

IMG_8682I guess people on Wall Street have to have Juice to help counteract all that grease that they eat.

IMG_8700When you are done for the day, you hitch that sucker up and head home!

I will suggest to the Hallal Brothers that Wall Street needs a Fried Chicken or Smothered Pork Chop cart. I mean why no love for Southern cuisine?


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