New Yorker’s hatred of outdoor living spaces

Happy start of the US Open and it’s a 3 day weekend FOLKS! I hope you made this past one count. Mrs. Trumpet and I had a great weekend as we did one of our famous walk-a-bouts (we start walking and only stop if we come across a body of water, end of street or one craves a beer) and did a little liver damage at The Subway Inn on Friday. Saturday we did some more home improvements, took a nap, and had drinks over at friends of ours joint in Brooklyn. Sunday was a field trip down to Canal Street, Little Italy and we finished the weekend off with some beers at Iggy’s. I also cannot confirm nor deny that we have in our possession a new purse that the LVD would be green with jealously over but I digress. Now as everyone is getting on the N train heading to work I have to hurry because I got to get out to Flushing Meadows so this will be a quick post.

One of the things that just amazes me is how my fellow New Yorker’s (oh, I have a NY State drivers licence now, I have the right to bitch) who have an outdoor space is they NEVER friggin utilize it! If someone were to ask me what I missed most about Memphis it would be the following in this order; Siting on my patio, Pancho’s Cheese Dip, The Saxophone player on Main Street and sitting on Main Street on weekend mornings watching the walk of shames. I mean come on, I look out of my window and see about a dozen patio’s (granted they don’t have a view but who gives a shit) and they are NEVER being utilized. On Saturday we were invited over to our friends condo in Brooklyn for drinks and some dinner. After I put on my capri pants, donned my hipster helmet and put my hair in a man bun off we went on the Q train to 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. For those of you wondering if I have changed my fashion since moving, no don’t worry, I still don the Roser ensemble of cargo shorts and flip flops, I was making a stereotypical Brooklyn/Hipster jab, hopefully my 2 NYC readers will get it. Anyway after we got to JM & DS’s joint we grabbed our beers and went to sit on their roof deck. I really don’t have enough words to describe how cool it was sitting up there and the sweeping views (I have been watching too many House Hunters episodes) of the city that we were able to partake. We were talking with them and they told us that they hardly see anyone else up there and they live in a nice 40 condos building which didn’t bother us as we had the whole thing to ourselves. I mean come on FOLKS! According to the Today Show the summer is over next Monday and I guess then we go into Winter Storm Alert season.

We were very appreciative of our friends to invite us up there but I don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of their outdoor living spaces if they had them. I guess they are too busy getting back from Montauk and don’t have time to enjoy what they have. Just give me a key Mr. Owner of the condo on 72nd street with the big arse backyard. I will keep your patio warm for you and will be happy to flush your toilets to keep the gaskets from drying out.

IMG_8720View from JM & DS’s rooftop deck. Yes they have a very nice deck and we are very envious of it. We hope to get a chance to visit their deck (ok I will stop acting like a 3rd grader)

IMG_8719The Big white needle thing in the middle of the picture is the Empire State Building. Yeah it is pretty cool living up here! I can’t wait for them to bathe that sucker in J-E-T-S Green when they win the Super Bowl this year!

IMG_8731Here is the view of the different patio’s looking out my window. Hell I would be happy with those pocket porches that you see in the middle on right side of the picture.

IMG_8619Yeah I am calling you out Mr. Condo owner who lives on 72nd. Why you no use that big arse patio? You must have a kid b/c there is a hockey goal. Tell that little fat fecker to get off the couch and go frolic outside!

IMG_8721Oh we also found a great brunch joint not to far from our joint. Sadly they only serve Barb’s favorite beer and want over $7.00 for it.

IMG_8725The shit you see in the NYC subway on the tracks.

kramer-ball-boy-us-openHope I don’t get assigned to Ball Boy with this guy. I hear he had an ‘incident’ a couple years ago with a female tennis player.

Bless your hearts, have a good week.


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