Carbunkle went to 102nd street during a heat wave

So I learned another thing today. If the temp goes above 90 degrees for 3 days in a row then it is considered BY GAWD A HEATWAVE!  My dear silly New Yorker’s down in the south if we have 3 or 4 days of warm weather we call that Summer and make extra tea to sit on the porch in our seersucker suits. Anyway due to the impending heatwave I decided to get out early this morning and get in some exercise as those bagels are good but I have not seen my feet nor my balls in quite a while. So this morning I walk/jogged along the East River down to the Ed Koch Memorial Bridge and then turned North and headed to 102nd street. For those of you who are wondering where the Ed Koch Bridge is, it is the Queensboro or 59th Street Bridge for you Simon and Garfunkel fans. Our friend M.L. was telling us that when they dedicated the bridge the former Mayor stood at the end of the bridge and asked everyone “How do you like my bridge?” I decided to snap some pictures of stuff that I saw as I needed a breather. Yeah the humidity isn’t the same in Memphis but it is weird up here. I mean it wasn’t as “Hot as two rats fecking in a wool sock” hot but I was drenched at the end of my trip. Maybe I am out of shape, getting old, need to slow down – Hell no, “Darling, Give me a Toasted Everything with Scallion Cream Cheese!”

IMG_8732The Ed Koch Memorial Bridge as seen from the East River Esplanade. Not a bad stroll and I only saw 2 bums asleep on park benches. I did find an off leash dog park but it is in the mid 60’s and we all know that Maddy and Maya would have none of that!

IMG_8733What is the big deal CBT, it’s a gas station. Well this is the first one that I have seen on the island of Manhattan. I have been told that there are only 2 or 3 of them.

IMG_8735What the hell are these things and why so many?

IMG_8737I already named this post but if I didn’t it would have been “NYPD Fine – $850.00, Poor Dumb Bastid Parker – 0” Seriously I could devote an entire Instagram to parking violators but I don’t have that much time in a day.


Pic taken at 102nd and 1st. That is fine but I still had to go back 30 blocks to get home.

Be careful out there New Yorkers, this heatwave is not something to play around with. You may start to sweat or as our Southern women would say “I am starting to glow a tad”


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