Friday Culture and BEER!

Yes you read that correctly, Carbunkle Trumpet done got him a little culture in the big city yesterday. One of the agreed upon things that the little lady and I said that would do something each week to better ourselves when we moved to New York. Sadly changing from Bud Light to Brooklyn Lager wouldn’t cut it so we said that we were going to explore some of the over 100 art galleries, museums and venues that New York had to offer. I mean come on, how many Memphians have only been to the Pink Palace Museum for a wedding or the IMAX show where you were stoned? Yeah, we don’t want to be ‘those’ New Yorkers so we got off our asses and went out yesterday. We decided that we would hit up the big one first, that is right the Metropolitan Museum of Art was first on the list. On Fridays the museum stays open later so we arrived at it’s B.A.S. (Big Ass Stairs) around 4:30PM. We had already decided that we wanted to become Museum Members so we plunked down some cash and now we can say that we ‘belong’ to something and it just isn’t a beer joint either.

I am glad that we got a year’s membership because it will take a year just to see everything in this sucker! This place is HUGE I tell you! We decided to tour the Egyptian exhibit (que that “Walk like and Egyptian” song) and let me tell you, first of all Egyptians were very small people, almost nugget size. The second thing was that they sure did go all out on funerals and burials! As we were walking around the exhibit there was a curator giving a group of museum patrons a private tour and naturally we glammed on to we didn’t have to read all the little plaques or mess with an audio tour. Can you believe that it took like 45 days to get a body ready for burial. Damn we put Casey Kasem in the ground quicker than that! Anyway I can honestly say that the 210 bucks we spent on the membership to the Met will be money well spent. Oh I also failed to mention that you have access to the roof garden where you can buy a $9.00 beer but the view of Central Park and Midtown Manhattan is spectacular! Hence the Beer comment in the title of this post.

MetropolitanMuseumOfArtAtDusk1Photo I nipped off the internet of the front of the Met at dusk. Seriously this place is HUGE

entrance-hallInside the Great Hall at the Entrance, on Friday’s they have drinks on the balcony (where this was taken) with classical music. Sadly they don’t play “Mustang Sally” or “Freebird”

Thomas Crown Affair Pierce BrosnanThose of you will recall this movie scene (not the Rene Russo nekkid one) as this is the same museum. I will be wearing my bowler hat when it gets cooler, I promise you that!

Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art_-_Sala_EgiptoInside the Egyptian Exhibit – No Flash Please!

moma-4Not really sure whose crib this was but it was impressive anyway!

IMG_8774But first, let’s take a Selfie!

G-R-Egyptian-galleryAgain, not sure who this was but I do have to say that he had some big ass feet! He must have been the Egyptian Water Ski Champ back in the day!

IMG_8778Looking at the UES (Upper East Side) from the Roof Deck

IMG_8779UES to Midtown Manhattan

IMG_8780Midtown Manhattan (No Mam, I am not taking your picture, it is the big arse buildings behind you)

IMG_8782UWS (Upper West Side) of the park. One of these days we have to get over there to “Seinfeld Country”

Now don’t you feel kind of bad about yourself if you just went home from work and sat on the front porch of your house drinking beer? Well Bless your heart, at least you have college football to watch today. I have to go and find a bar that will agree to change the channel from the Westminster Dog Show to watch GameDay!



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