“They paint an ugly picture of New York”

During the Labor Day holiday Mrs. Trumpet and I ventured into an Australian sports bar in the 40’s (that is the street location not the temperature) and found a seat at the bar. The Australian NYC is a really cool bar and they were showing Rugby (football for men as I was told) so we tried to follow along and drank our beers. “What kind of an accent is that?” asked the bartender who mind you, sounded just like Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin and any other Aussie accent that you can think of. After telling Miles that we were from Memphis we found out that he also had just relocated to New York from North Carolina and we compared notes. One thing that we discussed was that New York takes a bad rap for being such a cold, rude, and mean place. Now my friends who live her are probably reading this are saying “oh just wait CBT, your day is a coming” but seriously if you show a little compassion on the front end people here are genuinely nice. Yes, you all recall this Post  where I got blasted by the grand mother but it is amazing how much you can get with a simple “Good Morning, thank you, or Have a nice day” to someone. It slays me the people in our building who when they walk by the doorman who is holding the door for them don’t say thanks or anything. It doesn’t take any extra effort to say thanks or have a nice day yet 90% of the people who live her act like they don’t exist.

Miles was telling us that his sister had moved here about 15 years ago for the New York Ballet and had found an apartment at 128th street in Harlem. At first he and his other brother were a tad hesitant on having their sister live in a ‘sketchy’ part of town. He told us that as they were moving her in they were friendly and chatting people up in the building and found that once the ice was broken all was fine. “We even got invited to Sunday Dinner by some of the residents in the building, we don’t do that in Sydney” as he told us. Now granted there will always be the bad eggs who ruin it for the rest of us but as you know, I am a big believer in Karma so they will get theirs one of these days. Maybe the person who perished when an Air conditioner window unit fell 20 stories had earlier not given up his seat to an elderly nun on the C Train. That will teach you hipster and your man bun!

So do something nice for someone today, a simple thank you will suffice. And if they don’t reciprocate “Well bless your heart” (TRANSLATION – GFY in Southern)

IMG_8824No those are not footballs under the sign, those are Rugby balls. (English Mike, you may need to ‘splain’ this game to me one day)

IMG_8823Real Men don’t wear helmets!

IMG_8825Miles from Sydney



  1. Can you send Miles to me? You would make bar wife very happy! At least give him my number? Write more about him, with pictures!!!

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