Take a walk with Carbunkle Trumpet around the block

I have had some folks ask me where we live and what is the neighborhood like here in the Upper East Side. Rather than giving the stereotypical “Oh we have banks, national chain drug stores and a $hitload of dry cleaners with an occasional bodega” I would do a walk around the block for you 3 readers.


Here is where our joint is on Google. Our building is on First Avenue between 71st and 72nd in the Lenox Hill Neighborhood on the Upper East Side. And yes ML has visited us as she hasn’t burst into flames because she went north of 14th street. Primarily this area is where a lot of medical folks live as because of all the hospitals on York Avenue.

IMG_8495Here is the front of our building looking from the west side of the street. It was build in 2007 or 2008 so it is a newer building. FYI – 1st Avenue is one way running north so that helps when you are jaywalking from the grocery store.

IMG_8843Just exited the building and heading downtown (South) on First Avenue. Sorry you can’t get a good example of all the tall buildings but people get a tad nervous when you start taking pictures on the street.

IMG_8844We have 2 commercial spaces on the street level, and yes the one at the corner of 71st and 1st Avenue is a bank. (wait till the tour ends as you will have a chuckle)


Here is our Corner Newsstand and my guy Aziz. Because everyone in New York has to “have a guy”

IMG_8846Heading West towards York Avenue on 71st with 1st Avenue to my back. (Feel free to go back to the map if you are confused)

IMG_8848Apartment building on 71st right behind my building.

IMG_8849“What’s the significance of this CBT” you ask? Well this is where Monkey Maya will ONLY freaking pee and poop. Halfway down the block is the only non fenced green area. Wait till it snows, her ass will change that tune!

IMG_8850Looking Downtown (South) on York at 71st. All those tall arse buildings are the hospitals.

IMG_8851Looking Uptown (North) on York with 71st to my back. See that pretty building on the other side of the street. Some of my ‘more southern’ readers will soon be saying “Some Bitch”

IMG_8852This is a short term rehabilitation residential care and hospice that is run by the Carmelite Sisters, yes that means penguins or nuns. I do have to say that when I see the good sisters while walking the dogs they do tell me that they appreciate my good manners because deep down I know under that habit is a ruler and she will smack the shit out of me if I act up. In all seriousness a lot of the residents who are in wheel chairs come out on nice days for some fresh air and you can bet that one or both of our poodles have sat in many a lap on York Avenue. Monkey Head Maddy b-lines for the door when we make a lap around the block. Maya, not so much.

IMG_8853Yes that is the same Sotheby’s Auction House as it is the building across from the MMW front door. I figure if I need some cash because I had a bad day at the track, I could always hock the Velvet Elvis Painting. I guess the folks at Sotheby’s chose this location so if someone has a heart attack because they won a bid by mistake they wouldn’t have far for the Ambulance to travel.

IMG_8854We are now looking West on 72nd Street with York at my back. 72nd is not one way so there is always a lot of traffic on this street.

IMG_8855This is an Eye-Talian Joint on my block, haven’t ventured in just yet as I don’t want to get burned out on the menu for when it turns cold and we have snow up to my butt.

IMG_8856M.L. Help me here but is this a bodega or just a deli? I would say that it is a Bodega because they have all kinds of stuff in here that you need in a pinch, they have flowers, and a heck of a hot food line at lunch. But it isn’t on the corner or they don’t have a bodega cat so I am not sure what the ruling on it is. They do have water for a buck when I get parched from this long ass walk.

IMG_8857Yes we have a Toe Hut for those who need the mani-pedi. Not sure if Mrs. Trumpet has been here yet.

IMG_8858“Damn CBT you have it all on your block, bank, bodega and now a cleaner!” Sadly we don’t have a drug store but that is on 1st Ave btw 72nd and 73rd so we have to travel across the street but I will take it.

IMG_8859This is a fancy apartment building that has balconies on all of it’s units. But then again New Yorker’s don’t use outdoor spaces so they are always empty. I assure you if I had one, I would be doing my naked Yoga out there each and every day!


Here is 420 72nd Apartments (really stoner’s you had to snicker?) this is a nice joint as well and the owner of the huge ass outdoor space that I have made reference to lives in this joker. If I ever see him I may have to punch him in the throat for not using that prime real estate.

IMG_8861Yeah these balconies at 420 remind me of our old joint on Main Street. Big Balconies and they are deep too so you can entertain a bunch of folks as I have heard many a party on them late at night.

IMG_8862No we are not in a BBQ Tent during Memphis in May on the River. Scaffolding a way of life up here as they have to protect us suckers walking underneath when they are doing work on a building.

IMG_8863Tour is almost over folks and here is the corner of 72nd and First Avenue. Yes that is a second bank in our building, go figure.

IMG_8866Here is the front of our building heading Downtown (South) with 72nd at my back.


I know that a few of you are wondering what we are doing for groceries (like you care) and this is our own grocery store right across the street from our building. Prices are a tad expensive (think Kroger monopoly pricing Memphis Folks) but in a pinch they are convenient.

Keep it light!


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