Is there a street fair or festival today? Is the Pope Catholic?

Do you know what I love about this city? Other than that the liquor stores are open on Sunday and will deliver your booze right to your apartment? That there is always a street fair or festival going on during the weekend! Talk about some free therapy mixed in with an occasional turkey leg! Last weekend (Labor day) we had toyed with going the West Indies Cultural festival but rather went to our friends rooftop in Park Slope. That following Monday we found a street fair on 52nd in Midtown and we were well, less than impressed but it was the last day of the summer. Now fast forward to yesterday and there was one over on 3rd Ave not 3 blocks from our house and this sucker was wall to wall tents on both sides for 20 full blocks! They had all kinds of stuff to eat, do, and shop but sadly there is something missing up here folks. YOU NEED A PRONTO PUP STAND! Hey Danny A, you want to start a franchise up here in the Big Apple? Have your people call mine, we can clean up in city! From what I understand the grand daddy of all festivals is also going on right now which is the San Gennaro festival down in Little Italy so we are planning on checking that out this week. I mean they had Tony Danza as the grand Marshal. Yes, you read that correctly, Tony MF Danza!

IMG_8920They say that the international sign of a party is a balloon tied to a mailbox!

IMG_8918And these street festivals are pet friendly too! Check out the dog water station they set up! Yeah you think that Monkey Head Maddy will leave her spot on the couch?

IMG_8919Tons of people enjoying a nice day in the city

IMG_8922One day before I die I will be able to catch the Q and go to Coney Island 2 blocks from my apartment

IMG_8924Turkey Leg and BBQ Sandwich trailer. “Bless their hearts” in the South we call that a backyard smoker, here they call that a rig.

IMG_8921An institution in the UES with a great burger. Just make sure you bring cash!

IMG_8925I am a little ashamed but yet at least it isn’t a chain restaurant. We just weren’t feeling the Gyro and Corn on the Cob for lunch so we popped into the Papaya King for a dog!

IMG_8931Hey EM and Didi, They proudly serve the King up here and not too far from our house either!


Tried Fratelli’s for some pizza last night and it was good! Bonus that it is across the street on the next block too!

Have a good week! I have 4 interviews this week and friends coming into town!


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