“Robert Junior, I will take a full order, make them dry, beans, slaw, extra bread and I will take another pitcher of Michelob!”

“So you are from Memphis, do you miss the Barbeque living up here?” Yes, I have heard this question more times than I care to think but hey, at least I haven’t responded with “Well Bless your heart, My Friend!” For those of you who knew what I really did back in Memphis (Assembly Line worker in a sex toy factory) before moving up here, I do consider myself a pseudo BBQ Snob. I have been called a ‘dumbass’ many times before so if you think that I am going to play “BBQ Critic” up here and turn this into a food blog you can forget it. Trying to find comparable Memphis BBQ up here reminds me of the time I took a bunch of friends down to San Pedro Belize and one of our friends hooked up with Chico, the town mayor and friend of mine. They informed me, while drinking Micheladas, that they were going to dig a pit and smoke a whole hog on the grounds of Holiday Hotel. My first comment was “Oh sure Chico, you think that lady that owns this joint on the 3rd floor will let that happen much less Ms. Kim?” And my second comment was “Why in the hell would I come to place that has unbelievable Fresh Fish and has a food culture that you can’t get at home and cook the same shit we can get every day in Memphis?”

Now, Unless you have been living in cave one can realize that the BBQ culture is huge right now. There are countless number of TV shows that showcase some type of smoked meat or a component of it. People have long been losing their minds over bacon and just about everyone up here has some type of pork entrée on the menu, well except for the Kosher Joints, why is that R.A.B.? I will admit that we have been lucky to try a couple of different BBQ Joints here in the city and they are good.

I have also gotten a lot of “Why don’t you put in a BBQ joint in Manhattan, Woodlawn, Brooklyn?” It just isn’t that easy you see. You can spend a fortune on exhaust systems, wood, cleaning, training, product, permits and we haven’t even fired up the damn smoker yet. The risk/reward is much harder here and let’s be honest, the failure rate of a restaurant is 60% in the first 3 years and that is nationwide. I wouldn’t even know how to estimate that up here. I am going to spare you the types of BBQ I have found up her as deep down I know that you don’t want to read a bunch of run on sentences so I will leave it at that.

Charles_Vergos_RendezvousMany argue that it was a Greek Immigrant who started the whole “Dry Rib” or “Memphis Rib” when he opened his BBQ joint in an alley in downtown Memphis. It is a Memphis Institution and has been serving ribs since 1948.

703596_3910930291974_1672910668_oNow what is this silly SOB doing here? Are those Kansas City Ribs on a smoker in Belize? I do kid and I really miss this man as he is gone way too soon.

IMG_8711Dean and Deluca got into the designer BBQ Sauce line a couple years ago. I just can’t bring myself to waste my money on this crap and buy a bottle of it. This is like a vegetarian going to Texas de Brazil and ordering water and bread.

IMG_8712I would be remiss to not show that Dean and Deluca also sell the other BBQ sauce. Sadly they don’t carry a Maplewood MN BBQ Sauce.

10422277_10152730550769928_320509140671182859_nHere is my boy Guido’s man crush the butcher at Harlem Shambles on Fredrick Douglas Blvd where they will pretty do everything for you except for put it on the grill/smoker.

IMG_8743CTFD Robinson Family who owns the Cozy Corner in Memphis. This is actually a bodega at the corner of 1st and 60th and they don’t sell any smoked meats. The sign to the right is a fried chicken joint next door.

IMG_8877This joint is on 2nd Avenue near our place. I almost snickered when I saw the sign as I didn’t think that Dallas knew how to do BBQ. Tex-Mex yes, but BBQ?


I have many questions here.


JL you moonlighting on me already?

bluesmoke_v1_460x285(1)If you google Blue Smoke BBQ you will find all kinds of great reviews of Danny Meyer’s vision and dream of bringing Southern food to the East Coast. Danny is also the founder of the Big Apple BBQ block party that my friends from Memphis come up for. This place is on the list and we will get there one of these days.

__2012138_origWait, is that the Neely’s as in Pat and Gina from Memphis? I have never heard of them.

1932154_10152392550239928_1659156754_nLike I said, I have no idea who that guy in the middle is between me and EM.

web_Morgans_BBQ-32Tried this joint a couple weeks back with DS and JM as it is close to their joint in Park Slope. It is good but I have to bust balls a tad on the way they portion the meat proteins.

Morgans BBQ in Brooklyn (Food Menu)Here is Morgan’s Menu that I got on line and take a look at the Meat, Poultry & Greens on the left side of the menu. I will wait till you go get your glasses……………….Who in the hell orders Ribs by the weight? You order ribs by the bone! I did ask the server this because at the previously mentioned Rendezvous Restaurant, the old time servers there would shame you if you tried to order a half rack of ribs. This is a good joint and the Greens are “Little Tea Shop” worthy.

BBQ-Tray-MorgansNo this isn’t my plate, I nipped it off the internet from Morgan’s website but they do a good job on the food here. Just wait till I teach someone how to do BBQ Nachos, the shit will get real up here then!

Check back with me next week as I try some of the 2 billion Asian themed cuisine restaurants here. Or as AJ would say “Just stay on the first page, don’t go getting exotic and order stuff on the back pages”



  1. I have no doubt that there are some great BBQ joints in your neck of the woods! It’s NYC for goodness sake. If Chunk and I can do it, anyone can. However, the trick can be keeping the low and slow and homemade goodness profitable when served to the masses. I trust you will weed out the “cheaters” and find yourself a go to rib joint in no time.


  2. Dallas BBQ…I would agree, that’s quite comical. Though I have to admit, the best BBQ I’ve ever had in my life was just a few short weeks ago….in Kansas City. So I will have to make a trip to Memphis just to compare…figures it’d be after you’re gone.

    Love the Colin cameo. 🙂

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