They Do Watch Repair Where?

Back in my rock n roll days where everyday was a different town and a different airport, I was taught that one should never display expensive jewelry, cash, or anything of value to prevent petty crimes abroad. Now unlike my pilot friend who coming out of an ATM in Belize declared loud enough that even the convicted criminals in the Hattiesville Belize Jail could hear “I HAVE AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF CASH ON ME!” That being said I figured it was time to quit wearing my 30+ year old Rolex watch that is on loan from my father every day. I mean, I am on the subway, I got to hold on to the rail, people check out watches and rings, it makes sense. I went to my jewelry box and pulled out ‘Obnoxious Orange’ the festival watch. This watch is saucer plate big and got lots of wear during my Carnie Days on the River and is Bright Orange. The current condition of the watch was “It told time correctly twice a day” as it needed a new battery. I got on Yelp and found a great watch repair, barber shop and shoe shine store at 86th and Lexington so off I went.  I am very familiar with that area as that is where my grocery store is, the Papaya King, and a couple other stores I frequent but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally after making 2 laps around the intersection I called the number and asked where they were. His response in a deep Russian Orthodox accent “We in Subway” and sure as shit as I type this they were down the steps in the 86/Lex Metro Station.

Because I had already been on a job interview earlier in the day I splurged and picked up a new band for “obnoxious  orange’ in an attempt to dial it down a tad. Since it was a nice day I went over 5th Avenue & East 90th for a cigar and to watch the crowd walk by on 5th Avenue. Now if anyone knows me well enough that in addition to Midget Wrestling that I love to sit on a bench and watch people walk by. Seriously, it is better than TV, cheaper than therapy, and since it was a nice day out, the crowd watching was very good that day. If you don’t know this area it is the heart of the Upper East Side where as I was told that is cheaper to live than in Brooklyn and in it’s heyday was where if you were anybody you lived in New York. Granted I have only been here a month and change but I like living up here on the UES. The streets are not crowded with tourists, lots of ‘locals bars’ and as soon as they get my 2nd Avenue Subway station online I can go anywhere (STOP LAUGHING – JL, EL, ML, JM, DS). Add to that I can walk 7 long blocks and I am at the Met, hell that is bonus if you ask me. Anyway here is what I saw;

IMG_8940Mural I saw over at JFK when I went for my interview

IMG_8935I kept wondering why the agent would only show us the place in 15 minute time slots. – Remember the movie “Seven”

IMG_8942Go see my buddies at the New York Cigar Inn on 73rd Street. They sell a good stick

IMG_8941Lots of Dog Walkers on the UES. He must be the Poodle King as all he had was Poodle and Poodle Mixes

IMG_8944No this isn’t England or Paris with the double decker buses. They have them here too. Actually we are going to ride one of these suckers in a couple weeks when the Lady Killer comes up to see and stay with us.

IMG_8945“You are in for a treat today folks, look over to your right, you will see sitting on the bench in the all black smoking a cigar, the World Famous Carbunkle Trumpet formally of Memphis.”

IMG_8947I didn’t want to get his face (yes I said he) but this Man Bun wearing hipster is sporting rolled up pants and Birks. #throatpunch

IMG_8943Every kid in the UES rides the razor scooters. Thankfully you can hear them coming down the street with the wheels on the sidewalk and the screams from the Nanny or Mom “Stop at the corner Spaulding!” Sadly the dogs hate these guys because they scare the crap out of them. I have seen adults riding these things – Bless their hearts!

IMG_8948Ahh, here is ML’s most hated thing in the city, the Citi Bike. They are all over the place now and have many stations in the UES.

IMG_8950Y’all act like the Pope is coming into town next week. More on that later.

IMG_8953I know what you are saying, I hope you didn’t spend much on the battery or the band, CBT. Don’t be hating on Obnoxious Orange!

Have a good day and if you see me sitting on a bench, I may be talking about you tomorrow!


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