“Foam Ringing!”

I am sure that a couple of you are laughing because you know what the title means. So living in New York has good and bad parts but hopefully you are a person who see’s that glass of wine as ‘half full’ rather than those who say ‘I need a refill.” Good news if you are one of those who need to speak loudly on your cellphone as you navigate the streets of Manhattan as cell coverage is top notch here! When you look around at the tops of the 4 story buildings you will see cell repeaters and all kinds of equipment to make sure the network stays running. Even some subway lines have great WiFi and cell coverage if you are one of those who ‘must speak to the office’ at all times. Sadly, with the good comes the bad, because our building is built out of steel and concrete which means cell coverage sucks like a big dog here in our palatial 535 square foot studio. This isn’t bad but considering that Daddy is sill job searching and has phone interviews from time to time….you get the picture. I was combating this by going down to the ‘common outside area’ and take my calls but I hear we should have snow at any moment so we needed to do something.

Thankfully our trusted consigliore, Maria, was over last week having dinner with us and we mentioned our problem. She said that she had the same problem in her office but that we should take advantage of our internet/cable/phone bundle and get a land line. “A Land Line? The last time we had one of those was when Bush was in office as the telemarketers were wearing us out!” We sat there for a minute and realized that it made sense and we could turn off the ringer as if anyone needs to reach us knows that we ignore our cell phones. “That was a fantastic idea Maria, we are going to keep you around not just for your good looks and mad parking skills!”

Back when I was in college at the University of Arkansas and before cell-u-mar foams, we had land lines in the fraternity house. We didn’t call them phones but we called them “Horns” for some reason. When I was looking for a suitable ‘horn’ for our joint, I went to my favorite department store, Amazon, and found the perfect horn. No it isn’t a rotary joker as we have to dial area codes and that could take forever but I went with the next best thing. Think Seinfeld and my old boss from my Carnie Days!

22sonny_4929599_ver1_0_640_480“Foam Ringing! Now before I answer this thing, are you hears or not?”

889229_3559192_ver1_0_640_480Miss you Rock-Mo, we will see you at Christmas

alexs-tavern-51b8e1a754b9726dba000cbfSo last week I went to the oldest Ale house in New York, here is the oldest Tavern in Memphis for you non-hipster New Yorkers who are wondering.

angrycust-001Hello, Hello, Hello, are you there? Seriously, who doesn’t hate that!

post-26307-Seinfeld-answers-phone-gif-Img-TCmSYep, pretty much the TV show Seinfeld has new meaning since we now live up here!

IMG_8956You Damn Right I got one!!!! I went with the Executive! And for those of you wondering why I blacked out the number, Don’t get me wrong, I love you but I also know what you will do if you got the number. If you really want the number it is (212) 526-5261

Have a good weekend! We have some Memphis Peeps in town so we get to play tourists in our own city!


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