It just isn’t that they talk funny up here – 45 days in review

45 days of living on the island of Manhattan and can you believe that I have found some differences between living here and in Memphis? Oh I heard that by the way, I heard you say “Well No shit Sherlock!” Anyway let’s get right down to it shall we;

  • The accents – “By God they can have my southern drawl when they take if from my cold dead hands!” Reminds me of my old college fraternity president who was from Dumas Arkansas. Not only did John David speak Delta Southern, he spoke it maybe 10 words a minute slow. I so would love to hear him order a sandwich up here at a deli.
  • SEC college football or college football of any kind – “Kid on Saturday we do laundry and get ready for the Jets/Giants game on Sunday. Get out of here with that Woo Pig Sooie Crap!” This reminds me of that great North versus South Football email I see every preseason – In the North they get out of bed to watch ESPN Game Day, in the South you are at ESPN Game Day
  • Liquor Stores – are open 7 days a week here. Yes, you read that correctly Memphians. Oh and they will give you free delivery if you order more than a half pint. I guess the movie “Leaving Las Vegas” flowed better than “Leaving New York”
  • The F Word – in Memphis you say it in public and you will be scolded by any number of people for uttering it. Here it is as common as “Good Morning.” Wait till you hear a 90 year old woman say “What to do you mean you are out of Matzo Ball Soup? Get the Feck out of here!”
  • Public Transportation – up here those things on rails called Subways run on time and you can pretty much set your clocks to them. Down in Memphis they have something that looks like a trolley but it can get a flat tire. (sorry for the jab, I had to)
  • 4 legged children – do you realize how many dogs I see on a daily basis walking around stores with their owners up here? Can’t hang in food based joints but it is strange seeing them.
  • Schools – in Memphis school starts in early to mid August and ends Memorial Day, up here it starts after Labor Day and goes to July 4th. Up here only the private school kids wear school uniforms where in Memphis everyone wears some type of a uniform.
  • Directions (public transportation or walking) – In Memphis you hear “go down Poplar/Union” because those are the two main arteries but up here it is a sport that everyone tries to one-up each other. “You need to get to Atlantic Ave? Take the 6 downtown to 14th Street and take the Q. Don’t get the Q at 51st or at Canal, you want it at 14th street because the Q isn’t crowded then.


Dollar says that there are at least 4 flasks in this picture


“We may lose the game but By God, we have never lost a tailgate in the Grove!”

Tailgate in the North…I rest my case


“When the delivery guy get here can you ask him not to bring the big truck? It is a little embarrassing.”


I swear I heard a collective “What the Feck” outside in the distance during Saturday’s Bama/Ole Miss game here in New York.


Remember the Main Street Trolleys?


Not our fault that they had ‘Jewish lighting’ in them.

I can’t wait to ride on one of these when they have Vintage Subway night


This is why I can’t bring Maddy shopping because I would have to carry her everywhere. #diva

Keep it light folks!


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