Guess who is coming to dinner?

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that His Holiness Pope Francis is coming to New York City this weekend. It certainly has been the talk of the town ever since we got here in early August. One of our first dinners with some friends who lived here were saying that they were getting out of town well before his holiness arrives in Philly. “They plan on shutting down the damn bridges, it will be gridlock and pandemonium” exclaimed Blanche who said he was heading to the mountains this week.

“I remember when John Paul came to town, he shut the whole damn city down” exclaimed another friend of ours who lives in Queens. I am sorry but I have been in the same town as when the President, the Vice President, heck even those kids from England whose momma was formally married to horse face and it hasn’t been that bad!

“Carbunkle you don’t understand, nobody wants something bad to happen to the Pope when it is their watch” which made sense as I bet you go straight to hell should some harm come to his head. So starting Thursday afternoon till Saturday, it will be lockdown for Manhattan as he moves uptown and downtown to see things.

Oh if you are wondering, yes we are going to feel some pope gridlock over here on First Avenue as it appears the Pope is crashing on a couch here in the Upper East Side. I guess there goes my afternoon cigar by the park this week. Anyway, this weekend is for not because one of the first things that we did after we got our NY Drivers Licenses was register for the Lottery for the Pope’s drive through Central Park. Thankfully Momma entered it because she won the lottery and this Friday we will be with 10K other folks watching the Pope drive by! Naturally, I am pumped as this probably will be my only chance to see His Holiness live and in person!

IMG_8950Wondered why these were being staged by the park, this is the same block as Papel Nuncio during his visit.


I “think” this is where he will be crashing while in NYC


Because they were putting stuff up around it that I have no idea what is for but it looks official

12036738_10153230241694091_1343046712683175761_nThe Media sure as hell as been wearing it out! Why not, the Giants are 0-2!

635773043484954674-Susan-Marie-ugc-yourtakeMural painted somewhere on 8th Ave, I will have get over there to check it out.

635768988622441222-486223604The Papel Chair for Mass in Madison Square Garden – I do hope he gets to work on his jump shot before mass


Half of the park will be closed on Friday. Oh that won’t piss anyone off at all.

central-park-procession-mapYep! We will be there on Friday Afternoon!

popemobileI hear his new ride is a Jeep, I hope he doesn’t have the problems with his like I did before I sold mine!

untitledHey Francis, I got the first bucket of beers at Iggy’s ok?

10268455_874026039304327_5808465688590282428_nOh this knucklehead is also coming into town this weekend. The General Assembly of the UN, The Pope, and Baby Fine Hair, yep it’s going to be wild this weekend for sure!

Have a good one!


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