It must have been a slow news day – The Pizza Rat of the East Village

One of the things that keeps you ‘centered’ here in New York is that anytime you get a news notification on your iFoam you never know what weird shit has or is about to happen. Monday was no different when I get the notification from the local NBC affiliate, that there is a Pizza Rat in the East Village. “Wait did you just say a Pizza Rat? Get the feck out of here with that!” Yes folks, the YouTube video of the now famous pizza rat went viral! Naturally I laughed and immediately looked to see if he had his own twitter handle and thankfully he didn’t disappoint as @NYCPizzaRat was up. This started me to reflect on similar past one hit wonders. Feel free to add one on the comment line if I forgot one.

IMG_9035Yeah, it is juvenile but at least it keeps us from guzzling bottles of hand sanitizer or bashing hipsters!

untitledOh Good I am glad to see the Meme’s are already out!

23671130_BG1Remember the East Memphis Owl who would attack joggers? Give me an oversized Prince Tennis Racquet and problem is solved!

sinkholejpg-c0d182f487ca31aa_largeWho could forget the Sinkhole on 240! Many were convinced that is how Calipari got out of town when he went to Kentucky.


Pipe Kitty! Yeah I had to unfollow Steph B on Twitter for about a week after that whole saga. Still not a cat fan!


And of course we had the Monkey that escaped from Memphis Zoo earlier this year.

Sorry folks, that is all I got today. I have an interview that I need to study up on and am pressed for time.


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