Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bar

I have to level with you, if I didn’t and lied about this post then I don’t doubt I would be going STRAIGHT to hell today. I am sure that an air-conditioner window unit would kill me this morning if I didn’t tell the truth. Ok, here it is, we saw the pope’s motorcade yesterday because we got caught up on the wrong side of the barricades at 66th street. The reason we were wishing to cross 66th street…we were walking to…..the bar. Feel free to judge, Maria once again, you were right, it is a CLUSTER FECK down here! Stay in Brooklyn till Sunday, Save yourself! Blanche if you haven’t already left Philly, get the hell out of there man! Here are the full pictures if you haven’t already seen them on my Book of Face account. We do get to see the Holy Father again today in Central Park but with 10K other people so who knows what kind of pictures I will get.  IMG_9045What the Corn Bread Feck do we have going on up here at 1st Ave and 66th Street? Oh wait, wasn’t this intersection on the laundry list of street closings about the Pope coming into town?

IMG_9048At least it was a nice day to wait out the Holy Father

IMG_9050Can you Secret Service boys pick a car color not in Black? What about a Green SUV?

IMG_9051NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton’s Suburban – I really like him, he reminds me of Larry Godwin in that he doesn’t put up with shit and is quick to shut down a reporter when they “try” to play the ‘race’ card.

IMG_9052Alright we can tell the Holy Father is getting close, more lights, more sirens and now we have helicopters flying overhead, let’s tighten up folks!

IMG_905340 Motorcycle Cops leading the Motorcade

IMG_9054Say hello to Ponch and John for me will you?

IMG_9055Oh come on, you laughed at my C.H.I.P.’s reference didn’t you? Even a little?

IMG_9056I am figuring that some people with rather large guns are sitting in this SUV

IMG_9058Yellow and White Vatican Flag on the hood, is this him? Why isn’t he in his pope mobile? Damnit Francis, you are killing me!

IMG_9059Wait what is that little ass Fiat doing behind that large SUV? Do we have midgets getting out of a small car skit?

IMG_9061Wait that is him! Yes folks the leader of the largest religion in the world rides in an economy car. I so love him!

IMG_9062I am thankful that we were on the North Side of 66th as we got perfect pics of him.

IMG_9063Who doesn’t love him? He could ride around in a Rolls Royce Phantom engineered by my English Brother but he goes with a simple car.

IMG_9064Lady with the Red Finger polish you are killing me! Speak Merican!

IMG_9065Yes folks there is the leader of the Catholic religion!

IMG_9072Carbunkle, I have those cigars you wanted me to get from Uncle Fidel back at the Papel Nuncio. Meet me in Central Park tomorrow and I will hook you up. You still owe be beers at Iggy’s

So yes, we saw the Pope yesterday because we wanted to go grab a Happy Hour Bud Light. What the hell did you do yesterday? Oh that’s right you watched it on TV before you went to the Tigers Game. All kidding aside, it was a top 5 moment.




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