No seriously, are they are nice as you say they are? – Go ahead and say it….TWSS

I have had a couple people ask me since my Miles Post  what is it like living in a place with over 8 million people and have you met the traditional “mean and abrasive” New Yorker yet? Thankfully all 8 million don’t live in Manhattan as I think that the island may sink into the Hudson and East Rivers. I looked up the population of the 5 boroughs in comparison to the rest of the US and they are as follows;

  1. Los Angeles – 3,800,00
  2. Chicago – 2,700,00
  3. Brooklyn – 2.500,000
  4. Queens – 2,200,000
  5. Houston – 2,100,000 (I think this changed however and is higher)
  6. Manhattan – 1,600,000
  7. Philadelphia – 1,500,000
  8. Phoenix – 1,400,000
  9. Bronx – 1,400,000
  10. San Antonio – 1,300,000

Number 23 – Memphis – 600,000

Number 38 – Staten Island – 500,000

I am not one who is claustrophobic as I would be losing my shit on a daily basis by riding the subway and at outdoor events because it can be a tad “tight”. The good news is that for the most part everyone plays along and there is what I call “subway justice” up here. I forget where I was going but I overhear a deadlocked Jamaican in the same subway car absolutely berating some 15 year old boys. It would appear that they were sitting down while 2 slightly older females were standing in the very packed subway car. Seriously this dude was wearing those boys out to the point that everyone in the subway car was starting at them. Finally peer pressure made the kids stand up and give their seats to the ladies and the subway car actually cheered.

As far as the ‘traditional abrasive and mean New Yorker” sorry folks but we really haven’t met anyone like that. Granted there are those who are quick to issue a ‘are you fecking kidding me” comment to someone who is doing something stupid or silly but that’s about it. Oh wait, I must admit that we haven’t been to Staten Island yet as according to our friend Mr. Three First Names says “that is where all the douchebags reside.” Yeah, you want to see our friend’s left eye twitch, mention that we need to go to Staten Island for something and just sit back. Anyway nope sorry folks but it isn’t as bad as one thinks. I am now almost guaranteed that this afternoon I will be exiting the building and get mugged by The Van Buren Boys but so far so good.

FullSizeRenderTurned in our Tennessee Drivers license for what looks like prison ID tags. And yes smart ass,  we have Drivers licenses but haven’t been behind the wheel of a car in months.

IMG_8981“So you are telling me that Travel Queen, Windjammer, Summer & IU Jim, and Conroe have all been mispronouncing the name of the city that they live in?” *want to look like schmuck – rather than pronounce it “HOWS-Ton” say “HYOO-sten)*

IMG_8989Why don’t they write that in Merican?

IMG_8992I may live on the East Coast but I will always remember where I came from.


Ok Grainbin Girl and Bar Wife here is another picture of Miles, and yes if you come up to visit us, I promise that I will take you to The Australian bar in the mid 40’s.

Have a good weekend and hopefully I will be showcasing a selfie with me and Francis. Next week will be sporadic for my 4 readers as CARBUNKLE TRUMET GOT A DAMN JOB! I don’t know who is going to be more pissed, the monkey heads as they won’t get hourly walks or Momma with her free maid service. Tighten up folks and be nice to everyone!


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