This isn’t and never will be a food blog but CBT dined at Le Bernardin this weekend

Before moving here we made a trip in June to St. Louis informing our friends that we were moving to New York. One of Mrs. CBT’s best band geek friends exclaimed that she will be in NYC with her mother and aunt in late September. They were making a girls trip and were going to see some Broadway plays and enjoying the city. Our friend, Baby Fine Hair, mentioned that when we get up there that we should seek out a nice restaurant and the 5 of us would go and have a nice dinner on the last night. Before BFH could get a sip out of beer, I quickly exclaimed; “Oh I got the place, we can go to Le Bernardin on West 51st street between 6th and 7th. I will have the 4 course meal, 2 olives in my Kettle One Martini, Tap Water is fine and I would like to preorder Soufflé’s now!” BFH was fine with my selection, she isn’t a big foodie and didn’t understand that this is considered the place in NYC to have your last meal before being condemned to death by a firing squad by many foodies. I would consider myself a quasi foodie because living up here I am literally a small catfish in a B.A.P. (Big Ass Pond) but my choice was also a little deeper rooted.

Back in my formative years well before the Food Network, Cooking Shows and Reality TV, I was a lowly busboy at Chez Philippe, the flagship restaurant in the Peabody Hotel. Chez was THE place you went for fine dining, special occasions and to see and be seen. The cuisine was predominantly French with southern tones and the chef was none other than Master Chef Jose Gutierrez. Here I was humbled on a daily basis but I learned what I think that everyone should do in their lifetime which is working in a restaurant. When you are fresh out of college your cooking skills….well they suck, so I would create a lot of the same meals that I would watch the line cooks make night after night. I made these dishes  for friends, dates and eventually Mrs. Trumpet and I was the bees knees. The downside was that I was cooking with a lot of heavy cream and well not all foods need a béchamel sauce so I had to learn to tone it down.

You are asking yourself, what does this have to do with Le Bernardin CBT, cut to the chase!!! Working in a French restaurant you always looked up to those who were at the top of the food chain, Paul Bocuse, Daniel Boulud, you get the picture. If you know anything about me you would know that I have a ‘slight’ man crush on one of my UES neighbors of former chef and now TV star Anthony Bourdain. He also idolizes those previously mentioned jokers but is also good friends with one of the big boys here in NYC of Eric Ripert. Chef Ripert’s main joint….Le Bernardin!

I don’t have many pictures and I sure as shit didn’t take any picks of the food because THIS ISN’T A FECKING FOOD BLOG! My official review would say that the food, staff and entire experience was unbelievable and in the words of Ferris Bueller “If you have chance, by all means do it!”  Thank you to Baby Fine Hair and her mother for a great evening and we hope you had a great trip and thank you for taking me to one of my bucket list joints!

Le-Bernardin-copyEver try to walk into a restaurant with a hard on and grinning from ear to ear?

le bernardinThe single painting that hangs over the bar. Le Bernardin is primarily a seafood restaurant with French influences.

l_4895_eric_ripert_le_bernadinHey A.T. I hear that Eric Ripert hangs out at that Australian Bar, you could kill two birds with one stone!

IMG_9103Even the dessert menu cover is fancy

Ocean+Liner+Dinner+Hosted+Anthony+Bourdain+e1RZ_7u3qZolEric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, and Daniel Boulud

I would be remiss if I didn’t post a picture of the Grand Master himself, Paul Boucuse

missyI was a lucky man this weekend, 3 great dinner companions and a great evening to boot!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go heat up some Ramen Noodles on the stove.



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