New York City ‘meat’ Memphis BBQ aka “True Barbecuing vs Grilling 101”

The wife informed me that she ‘volunteered’ me to smoke a shoulder for her work peeps. I am quite used to her Pot Lucks because I was convinced that was all she did at her previous job in Memphis.  Thankfully I was already heading to Woodlawn to practice cooking on some ribs for an upcoming cooking contest. I told J.L. that I would pick up the ribs and a shoulder for us to smoke this past Saturday so no worries.

First let me tell you a term that they use up here in the North that is completely the opposite in the south – “I am going to barbecue this weekend”. My former neighbor who was from Jersey used this term and one time asked if I would help with cooking the food. I go over to her house and all I see in her fridge behind the many bottles of white wine are hamburger patties and hotdogs. You see my fellow New Yorkers, the term Barbecuing means to cook something over indirect heat and or via smoke. The term “Grilling” is cooking something directly over or under a heat source and this should be the correct term but New Yorkers don’t even carry rotel cheese in the 3# brick like in the south.

Cutting to the chase because I can hear two of the four readers yawning. JL and I smoked the shoulder old school style; no marinade, no injecting, just dry rub, hickory smoke, low & slow for 9 hours and it turned out pretty good. The ribs….well they were good but we have some more work on them this weekend. Momma got up yesterday and reheated the shoulder, pulled the pork onsite (Pitmaster Ernie Mellor would be so proud) for her coworkers to see how we do it Southern Style. It must have been a hit with the group because the text messages JL & I got – “They had a screaming fit, they are coming from other parts of the building to try some!” Don’t get me wrong, I love getting compliments but the biggest compliment we got was from momma’s bosses spouse who is of the religion that should not enjoy shellfish or pork products but looks the other way “That Memphis Pork Butt was better than Blue Smoke’s pulled pork shoulder!” Looks like J.L. and I still have it!

We are exploring enlarging ‘Blue’ the smoker to see if we can smoke at least 90 pounds a weekend for Memphis/Woodlawn BBQ Company.

IMG_9128This is Blue J.L.’s Lang Smoker that we will take up to AC for the contest next month.

IMG_9090We don’t need a chimney starter, we use Mudda Fecking Flamethrowers up here in Woodlawn!

IMG_9094That boy is cute and he is going to be a handful when he gets older. Here C-Man is helping us with the Rib Paddle

IMG_8791We so should have pulled them 20 minutes earlier and we would have a contender

IMG_9118Yep “that Memphis Butt” (actually a shoulder with the bone removed) was looking good after spending time in the Smoker

FullSizeRenderThankfully the Metro North didn’t have any drug sniffing dogs on the route from Woodlawn to Grand Central

IMG_9119Momma Done Good pulling the Shoulder

IMG_9120It was a hit and we have orders for Thanksgiving already!

I wonder if the Hallal boys have an old street meat vendor cart they want to sell us?

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