Are you Fecking kidding me with this crap? 

Write this date down folks – today I became a New Yorker. I was on the bus heading to work and I peruse The Twitter to see what was going on in the world. I see that the streets around the UN are still blocked, the Cards made the post season, lots of morning news teams are wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, oh and there is a hurricane heading to New York City….

What Cornbread Feck did you say Carbunkle? A Hurricane? In New York?  Yes folks it was then at aprox 6:20EST that I loudly exclaim, forgetting that I had my headphones on listening to Pandora, “Are you Fecking kidding me with this crap!” At that point the entire 125th street bound M15 bus turned and started staring at me like I farted louder than a jet engine. To try to save face I show the tweet to a half asleep Dominican female that is on my right the tweet and say “Can you believe this shit?” 

Welcome to New York Carbunkle, but I promise you that if Jim Cantore heads here I am punching him in the throat! Keep it light folks and I guess I will go buy some Milk & Bread aka Beer, Wine & Vodka. 

Yep! Never a Dull Moment here in the Big Apple! 


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