The McLean Street Festival and Food Truck Mania

A couple of weeks back we went to the McLean Street Festival in the Irish section of Yonkers/Bronx. Papua New Guinea Mike, don’t worry I promise that I am not replacing my Southern accent with an Irish one. However, I now find that I fancy a pint of Guinness every now and then. Back to the topic at hand, we were invited by Fee-Fee and Calum and they told us it was ok if we brought the dogs so the Monkey heads made the trip to Brooklyn with us. 

I really enjoyed this festival a little bit more than those festivals that I have attended before, sorry San Generro Festival, because this festival one can drink beer in the street! McLean festival reminds me of the Cooper Young festival in that you can walk around with a beer in your hand and let the kids run wild in the streets. They had rides for the kids, Irish dancing and singing and of course, BEER! Food was handled by some of the local restaurants and food trucks. If you have ever drank beer at the Rambling House you have probably stumbled by and ate something from the ‘Chippa Wagon’ it is good and scary fast but the Pink Sauce takes a while getting used to. Below are the pics;  This guy had good meat in tube form, he did something that I wasn’t used to in that he had a squeeze bottle full of nacho cheese that wasn’t being cooked to death in a crock pot. When someone ordered cheese he would squirt some and the heat from the dog would melt it making it so good! 

Poor Guido left before he saw this truck, he has a ‘little’ crush on the owner who I can’t understand her Irish even sober! 

Yep they paid big money for that Van/Truck wrap! 

The Hispanic truck wasn’t very busy in a heavily populated Irish neighborhood. 

This wasn’t at the festival but I saw it the next day in my hood and I will have me a lobster roll very soon. 

Sorry AJ, this is revenge for texting me pics from Max’s the other day.

Have a good weekend, I promise to have more next week as the nephew comes to town this weekend. We are going to play tourists in our own town and we are exited. 


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