How do you take your bagel?

Upon moving to the the Big Apple I found that New Yorkers don’t have the same breakfast habits as people from the south. Seriously, my neighborhood bodega owner is still laughing at me because I asked if I could have grits instead of breakfast potatoes. “Kid, breakfast has to be quick because  you have two hands.  One hand is for a cup of Joe and the other is for a bagel.” Now I will admit, I really wasn’t a big fan of bagels and more of a buttermilk biscuit fan. One morning I confirmed with Yelp that the best bagel was on 2nd Ave in the 80’s so off I went. It was good, the ‘smear’ that I selected was tasty so naturally I uploaded it to my Instagram because that is what 45 year old white guys do these days. My friend San Pedro Scoop was quick to inform me in that “if you want the best, then you get your butt to the village, go to Murray’s and have the best!” Scoop is a former New Yorker who left the harsh winters to move to Belize and live a life of leisure. Some of you may recall when we started our own Production Company a couple of years back so naturally when she says something…….you do it!

The nephew was in town this past weekend so when he started “uncle CBT, let’s go do something” at 6:45AM I figured a trip to Murray’s would be in order. We arrive at the place and the line is out the door.  I can hear him grumbling “we walked by 2 McDonalds, what is so good about this place?” Nephew orders a bacon, egg and cheese on a multigrain bagel and I go with Lox & cream cheese on an everything bagel. We find a corner of a table to have breakfast because this place is crazy busy. The verdict? Yeah Rebecca hit the nail on the head as it is a damn good bagel.   

Uncle CBT, you mean we have to walk to the subway station and can’t take a taxi? No wonder you have 17K steps on Fitbit each day!

Shut up kid and let me take your picture! 

Not sure how to tackle this joker!

Now it is time for my breakfast.

I don’t know if I should salute it or dive in!

Good recommendation Scoop! I promise I will get your order before we head down your way. 


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