The ladykiller takes on New York City

We are roughly 55 days living here so let’s recap those who we have seen in our new city. Our favorite Elvis barrister made the trip the first week we were here, then one of my high school buddies and his wife ride a Harley into town. Guido and his wife made tracks to the big apple followed by a nice fella from the Vatican. Baby fine hair and her mother were here for a weekend of Pope stalking and we had a great meal at a joint that just announced recieved 3 Michelin stars. Lastly, our favorite Pitt alum from Florida met us for drinks one Sunday so you could say we have been busy. 

When I was in college my first roommate in the dorm was a fella from Southwest Missouri. He was famous for freaking out the day before a visit from his folks.  “We got to clean up; get rid of the dip cans (um those are yours Billy), throw out the booze bottles (touch my Seagrams bottle and you die). Apparently he didn’t want his folks to know that all he did was drink, dip, skip class and slept all day until football practice – no wonder he failed out.  This past weekend we had a visit from my mother and my 11yo nephew from Memphis. This ment to us that we were going to see if we can pack 4 people in 535 square feet and not kill each other. The nephew had never been to New York before and had a laundry list of things to see, do and eat. 

Their arrival on Friday was delayed due to rain but they got to the UES around 8pm’ish so we hung out at the apartment since it was rainy and cold. Lady killer and I walked up to Papaya King for food and take out for Ba & Mrs. Trumpet.  We retired early as it was a long day for them. 

*editors note – I have asked that the nephew please highlight his impressions of New York and send them to me. I will post them when he takes off his Nike gloves that he acquired at Niketown.*

It was a good visit and we saw a lot of things that we normally wouldn’t do, see, and got to eat at some new restaurants. That being said, we have profected having overnight house guests in 535 square feet so the UES is open for visitors. Yes I am looking right at you Travel Queen….  

“Uncle CBT, what is so good about a hot dog joint that we have to walk 16 blocks in the rain for?” Here he is eating his words.

A trip to Nike Town and I was disappointed that they don’t showcase the Green team here. 

Hey L.V.D. can you please quit talking to my wife about purses? I am ok with the male escort shows but this is getting expensive. Oh and she has already acquired 2 new purses  to go with her collection of 100.

Dinner at Angelo’s on Mullberry Street in Little Italy. Good times! 

You know a joint is good when Regan ate there! 

“What’s up with the thing on the hood Uncle CBT?”

View from the Staten Island ferry as the lines to the “biotch in the harbor” we’re long on Sunday. 

But first let’s take a selfie!

Sorry Ladykiller, you have to be 16 to catch Fallon

Naturally we found a street fair and ‘had’ to sample deep fried Oreos.

What? I am not obsessed with my gloves or knockoff Ray Ban glasses. 

Came all the way to NYC to play Candy Crush!

Like I said, the Ladykiller will have a guest post when he gets around to sending it to me.


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