Many thanks to the Asian Firefighter

We are heading over to Atlantic City this weekend for a BBQ contest. After work yesterday I made the trip up to Woodlawn to help my teammate, J.L., pack and also acquire the 1000 things you need for a contest. The first stop was Restaurant Depot because we needed institutional quantities and some specialty items not found in grocery stores. Thankfully all of the Restaurant Depots are laid out in the same format so one can navigate the store.  We were having difficulty finding an ingredient so I found a R.D. employee and the exchange went like this;

Me – “Excuse me, do you know what aisle the Duck Fat is located on?”

Middle Eastern R.D. employee (in moderate broken English) – “I am sorry, what you say? What you looking for?”

Me – “Duck fat, it should be frozen and in a quart container.”

R.D. employee – “What use for?”

Me – “It’s for cooking, it is considered a cooking agent like frying oil or lard but it is kept frozen.”

R.D. – “I no understand, what is again?”

It was here where my friend J.L. interrupts and chimes in – “Hey pal (to the R.D. employee) you need me to translate for him? I realize he is from the south and doesn’t speak like us New Yorkers!”

It is now that the R.D. employee is visibly laughing at me.

Add to the list that New York doesn’t have Duck Fat or Pancho’s cheese dip.

 We haven’t seen the annoying neighbor in a couple days and ‘somehow’ we have beef ribs. That is 3yo Fee-Fee’s hand and arm to give them scale.  

 Fee-Fee enjoying showing scale. Seriously I don’t know if they will fit on the smoker!

  Yep, they are ‘that big’

  Waiting on the Metro North at the Woodlawn Station

Riding to Grand Central Station

Keep it light and I am sure to have a couple posts about this past weekend. Have a good weekend! 



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