Carbunkle Takes his show on the Road –> Atlantic City!

What is the old saying? You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl? Here it is; “You can take CBT out of BBQ contest but you can’t take the BBQ contest out of CBT.” *editors note – right now I would be getting a “Harumph” from KC Jayhawk but I know that he is looking down on me shaking his finger at me after he stirred his single malt scotch with the same finger* Anyway, I was invited to join in a little fun this past weekend over on the Jersey Shore. We were to compete under Kansas City Barbeque Society Rules which is different from Memphis in May in that we were being judged for our submission of Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, and Beef Brisket. Considering that the 4 of us competing had roughly 6 KCBS contests under our belts we were happy with the turn in boxes and turned in all the proteins on time. I had a good time with the boys and even though I froze my ass off at night keeping the Lang smokers going, it was a good time. Next time we head to Staten Island and I am sure that Mr. 3 first names will be all over that!

IMG_9216Thanks to the “former” neighbor who is now “2 hours away” neighbor for the rooms. We may have to come back to see this fine upstanding Eye-Talian DJ. Come on up Chelsea, I am sure you can get a selfie with him.

IMG_9217Here is Pepe’s Lang Smoker. I am glad he brought it because the previously mentioned ribs in this Post would not have fit.

IMG_9218Where you at Paul ? We are using the same thing that you can’t talk about. But at least we had 3 Firemen from NYFD Rescue 1 there just in case.

IMG_9219I won’t say that the wind was biblical by the water but here is a “before” pic of our tent.


Asian Fireman’s Wife – “Honey, where is the top to the Tent?” Asian Fireman – “Honey, it got dirty this morning so we sent it out to be dry cleaned. It may come back a different color as it was really dirty too!”

IMG_9221“I don’t know if I should Salute it or call the Homicide Division!”

IMG_9222Rubbed and ready to go into the Smoker. Incidentally they are looking for John Murphy a resident of the Bronx who is now missing.

IMG_9224That kid has been to 2 BBQ Contests already.

IMG_9226Since the Asian Fireman and I had difficulty prepping the last set of ribs we asked Pepe to help us out.  Ok we sucked at it last time.

IMG_9227“Hey CBT, I am going to make the Marinade, can you hand me that bottle of Jamison?”

IMG_9228I am glad those boys work for the NYFD because they would be naked and not have anything to wear.

IMG_9235I could have used some of that NYFD gear as I was a ‘tad’ chilly

IMG_9237And John Murphy the Ribs came out of the smoker. Notice how much they shrunk on the bone.

IMG_9238Me Caveman, Me eat Meat!

IMG_9239Seriously we had many people swing by and ask questions.

IMG_9240I snapped this at 8PM, by the time I left the site at 6AM the temp was 42 degrees. I am starting to think that people lied to me and it actually gets cold up here.

IMG_9241Nice touch as the Jiffy Cab Driver knew what kind of condition I would be in for the ride back to the UES.

Seriously, I had a great time and I will be honored to do it again!


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