Live from New York…..

Who older than 40 didn’t hear that each and every Saturday night growing up? For you youngsters, I am referring to the show Saturday Night Live. SNL was a huge at my house because it meant that I was able to beg my grandmother to stay up past the Love Boat, Fantasy Island and watch a show that was being filmed LIVE and from that foreign land of New York. Look at the alumni who graduated from Second City and SNL and see where they are now, that is a helluva group. Yes you can figure that I am a big fan of SNL. When momma and I moved up here, the first thing that I did after I located a good cigar joint was register for tickets for SNL and go into the lottery. Imagine the excitement when I get an email a couple weeks back saying I got two tickets to this weekends show. I mean, I have never seen it get that hard before (apologies to those who will have to drink a whole bottle of vodka to get that image out of their head) but I was seriously pumped! This weeks show promises to be a great one as we get to see the return of Tracey Morgan and Demi Lovato as the musical guest.

I am sure that I will post next week how it was, they were pretty emphatic that no cell camera’s were to be out but that might be during the show proper. Oh and yes, I am a bad Cubs fan because I am not going to try to buy tickets for the game Saturday but I promise to have the game on in my ear buds.  For some reason I have a feeling that I will be taking a 7 train out to Citi Field to overpay for some tickets for game 2 so don’t write me off yet, I got to do this SNL thing.

IMG_9263I am so pumped!

IMG_9262Talk about an alumni cast that kicked ass!

IMG_9265Oh yeah, it was cutting diamonds hard when I got that email.

IMG_9266We will see you Saturday Night Tracey!

IMG_9267Many thanks to my favorite smart @$$ lady barrister who told me that Demi Lovato was half a Lovato. Keep that up and I will send you to the ‘expensive’ wine bar when you need to get your religion on!

Have a good weekend.


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