What did you think of the play Mrs. Lincoln?

Let’s just get this out in the open right now shall we folks. CBT would rather watch paint dry than sit through a play, musical or opera. It isn’t that I am a snob, it just isn’t my cup of tea. Thankfully Mrs. CBT is ok with it and doesn’t subject me to go because she knows I will hate it. Comedy shows or single person gigs, I am ok with but I guess it is my ADHD that I get distracted. It is cool because this is something that Mrs. Trumpet can do with M.L. or other girlfriends. Me, catch me in the bar during the show and we will meet up later.

Back when Baby Fine Hair was in town her aunt couldn’t make the trip so Mrs. CBT was able to bogart her ticket to two Broadway shows that they got tickets well in advance of the trip. One of the plays was the “Hottest Ticket Going” Hamilton. She loved it and according to her “I would go back each and every night because it was that good. This past week they had a CD release of the music and there was a ‘Meet and Greet’ with the cast with an autograph session after the Q & A. Since I was off on Friday, she begged asked me if I would go to it and get a CD for Baby Fine Hair’s mother and get her Playbill signed by the cast. I agreed to do it but let me tell you, I was in Theater Nerd Hell. Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the theater folk but when you scream like a little girl when they say “Hamilton” you may have a problem. Add to that that the screams were from nelly guys, well you get the picture.

The Q & A was with Emmy and Tony award winning  Lin-Manuel Miranda the main character, author and writer of the play and he was good. He spoke from the heart and was pretty funny. He took questions from the audience and was a good sport. When it came time to get autographs you were to go down the line of the entire cast and get your CD signed. They were pretty emphatic that No Selfies, No other Memorabilia, and limit your comments because there were over 700 people in attendance. I make my way down the line and thank each cast member for doing this and I come up to Mr. Miranda. He looks me dead in the eyes and asks “So what part of the show did you like the most?” I am dumbfounded, I am thinking “The Stones on this guy” to ask what did you like best about his play? Sadly, I freeze and I start to break out into a cold sweat. My response; “Actually, I must come clean and tell you that I never saw the show but my wife loved it and her birthday was this past week and she really wanted a signed copy of the CD.” He laughed it off and said that I didn’t really look like knew what I was doing because I was so nonchalant about the autograph session and he told me to thank my wife for liking the show. I guess it was pretty evident I didn’t see the show because every other person in line was like “Oh My Gawd, It’s Hamilton!”

ham600Seriously GTS (Google That $hit)  ticket prices for Hamilton and you will be surprised what the going rate is for them. Hell it is cheaper to watch my 0-2 Cubs than go see a bunch of guys and gals singing about a past president.

IMG_9275Here is the director and main man, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Nice guy and he saw right through me.

At least I didn’t have to go to the store to get Momma’s tampons and they needed a price check.


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