Celebrity Sighting at SNL = Duck Hunting at the Peabody Hotel

*DISCLAIMER – If you are expecting to see a bunch of pictures from this past week’s SNL then you are going to be mad because we weren’t allowed to even bring our phones out of our pockets or risk ejection. That is cool with me, the show was great but let me tell you what the coolest thing we saw that night, the stage sets and tear down. First things first, you may be asking what is up with the title? You recall my previous post about meeting the cast of Hamilton? New Yorkers are not supposed to make a big deal when you see a celebrity on the streets or out and about, it’s the New York Code of ethics. However, I assure you that if I ever see Minnie Driver on the streets, you can bet your sweet arse that I will ask her for a selfie. To date, I have seen Chris Robinson formally from the Black Crowes walking down the street and I smoked a cigar with Jackson Browne a couple weeks back but that’s about it. Hope you saw the show because you could imagine how pumped I was that I got to be in the same room with Tracey Morgan, Alex Baldwin, Larry David, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski, and Rickey Bobby’s own Jack McBrayer! Add to that all the other cast members of SNL and Loren Michaels and it was a good night to have tickets to the show.

Like I said previously, the show was great, Demi Lovato, yeah I know why my nephew likes her, she is smoking hot and can sing too but the stage sets are unbelievable. Studio 8H is probably as big as a basketball court and they pack that sucker with the 3 permanent stages, 5 cameras, 2 boom microphones, maybe 30 seats for audience to give it that ‘feel’ and the rest are stage sets that are about to be used. Oh and there are like 40 people running around the whole time too! It really is a thing of beauty watching them put the show together. Let me give you an example;

  • When they did the CNN Democratic debate, that was in front of the main stage with the band, then when it cut to commercial they pulled that down, and set up the interior of the 30 Rock spot which was to it’s right. Oh did I mention that all of this happened in 60 seconds? Yep folks, they set and tear down all that shit in 60 seconds.
  • The Family Feud Spot – That was pre-staged in front of the Musical Guest stage and then when that went away they moved that against the wall and tore down the tables and pulled them out of the room.
  • The Camel in the Brian Fellow’s spot – That was in front of the 30 Rock stage and yep that was a real live Camel. Yes  he indeed did move around during the spoof and it was hilarious.
  • The MTA Clock that you see in the beginning and end of the show – that is lowered from the ceiling and a boom camera gets the shot.
  • All in all there were 10 skits, 2 songs and let me tell you folks, it was amazing to watch.

So maybe we didn’t get to have our picture in front of the iconic “Grand Central” stage that everyone associates the show with but it was pretty cool.

snl_stage_seating_chartThe audience sits above the studio and let me tell you, thank God there are monitors all over to see the show because your view will always be obstructed. Doesn’t matter, we have it TiVo’d. FYI – we were sitting in the corner up by Stage B which was consolidated with stage A to make the 30 Rock spot. Yep I could have flicked a booger on Tina Fey as she was that close.

SNL StudioHere is another image of the studio, it isn’t very big at all and to watch them pull it off is worth the show.

5265159926_5c519b8ba8You have heard that “The camera adds 30 pounds to you”? Here the Camera makes you look like there is space for days. The main stage is pretty small but it gets the job done.

IMG_9294This is all that we have for a reminder from the show. They even took our tickets but that’s cool. The show kicked ass!

I am just glad that we had a host and a musical guest and it wasn’t The Donald who is guest hosting next show.


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