Carbunkle Trumpet a fan of the Art World?

It is kind of strange to read that title isn’t it? Do you recall my post around Labor Day when we made a Trip to the Metropolitan Museum? We had said that if we were in town and didn’t have anything going on Friday afternoon then we would visit the museum and try to better ourselves. Believe it or not, this past Friday was the first Friday we had off since Labor Day that were able to go back to the museum. This visit we toured the French Impressionists and somehow ventured into the Middle Eastern art so that was a bonus. I have to come clean, I really dig it. The thought that I can walk 10 blocks and see some $hit that one would only see in movies or in books is so cool. Get over it if you are shaking your head right about now.

Now before you think that good ole CBT is trading in his clic reading glasses for some purple octagonal shaped glasses and a nerd suit forget about it! After spending an hour or so in the museum Mrs. Trumpet and I always head quickly to the bar to celebrate the weekend. On this trip we made it to the Met’s balcony for some red wine and symphony music. Again, we are not forgetting where we come from, the band didn’t know “Mustang Sally” or “Freebird” but they said they would get the sheet music for it.

 What’s the significance of this painting? This is Honoré Daumier from French Marseilles 1808-1879 painting appropriately named “The Drinkers by 1861” #hellokettle

 Sadly we did see the one that Thomas Crowne snagged for that sexy ginger Rene Russo

Imagine our surprise when we found out the wall murals that adorne the lobby of the Arlington Hotel are from this dude too!

 Pablo Picasso – Never heard of her

 Anybody think this should be a urinal?

 Here is Crete’s version of Larry, Curly, Moe, & Schimp

  Didn’t James Bond swim by this in “For Your Eyes Only”?

 Say hello to Goat Boy!

  Why is my favorite former Vet Tech & lover of San Pedro Belize and her parrot Cleo hanging on the wall in the Met?

 Art is hard folks.

Any friends who want to come see art like we do, give me a call.


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