Go see the Fish Monger and the Butcher

Back when Memphis had family owned grocery stores going to the market was pretty easy and you got great service from them. Now days you are lucky to get a checkout person who isn’t on the phone or smacking their gum. Oh and good luck if you needed a pound of turkey sliced thin or a porterhouse steak cut thick because those jobs are diminishing at the local K-Roger. One craft that is very strong and thriving up here is the art of the local butcher or fish monger. I must come clean, when you think of a butcher or fish guy you would expect that their products would be a little more expensive than the stuff you can get in the case. That is not the case here because you can get a fully trimmed beef tenderloin or cleaned & de-boned fish filet and not have to shell out big bucks. This past weekend we visited the Chelsea Market and ventured into the fish market.  This joint was both impressive and intimidating because until you visit the market you don’t realize how little you know about the different species of fish.

IMG_9290Um excuse me sir, you got any Drum or Gar?

IMG_9289Fish Filet’s for days

IMG_9291Anyone want some shell fish or oysters? *Editors note – This place didn’t smell at all like you would expect and was clean

Have a good weekend, we have dinner plans with M.L. tonight and tomorrow we are going to a lecture by Damian Echols formally of the West Memphis 3. I will report back


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