Halloween in NYC and the Upper East Side

To say that the ole Pagan holiday is big up here is an understatement.  Walk around the Upper East Side and I see that the town homes are big on decorating up here as well. Plans for the weekend right now are undecided except for a celebratory dinner at Red Rooster in Harlem and some drinks with friends. The West Village’s Halloween parade is always a prime destination here but considering it is Saturday night, the time change and I need good ju-ju…..I think multiple drinks will take its place. I will report later but here is what is going on in the Upper East Side.

IMG_9321Nope this isn’t a decoration, this is someone’s gargoyle looking down on 75th street

IMG_9322Considering that Pumpkins are 99 cents a pound up here we opted to drink beer instead of getting a jack-o-lantern

IMG_9323As seen on 76th street

IMG_9324This little joker scares the crap out of people texting and walking past their townhome

IMG_9326This one takes the cake, this is like the neighbor who lived in South Bluffs and did it up for Christmas!

IMG_9327Like I said, they go all out!

IMG_9328I can see my favorite Hotel in Belize doing something like this

IMG_9330I met the owner and asked if anyone ‘borrows’ the heads, he said that he used to have a problem but his neighbors keep an eye on his decorations.

IMG_9331Not even the street trees are safe.

IMG_9332Here is another decoration on 73rd by my favorite cigar place

IMG_9341Even my favorite Bar on 63rd street gets into the decoration

IMG_9344As seen on 68th

IMG_9385On my walk home from the subway

IMG_9386Got to love their decorating

IMG_9387Here is another one I see on the way home

IMG_2740Pictures from last year’s Village Halloween Parade

IMG_2739We will make it down there one of these years

I don’t doubt that my former upstairs neighbors will be doing it up big this weekend.


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