The Great Sushi Debate of New York

Apologies to my 3 readers because I am going to break character and jump up on my soapbox (so I can be normal height) for a minute. Up here we have some classic debates and arguments; naked painted women in Times Square, composting in apartments and single family dwellings, toasted or untoasted bagels, but now sushi? The department of Health is demanding that all sushi chefs wear gloves while preparing RTE (ready to eat) foods. The DOH went so far to close East Village’s Sushi Dojo run by critically acclaimed chef David Bouhadana for violating the no glove rule. Bouhadana isn’t taking this lying down and is being joined by other sushi restaurants and fighting the DOH as this rule was repealed in California a couple years back.

Being that I have a very good working knowledge of Institutional Foodservice I think this glove rule is absurd. Yes, a rubber glove does protect the worker from the food but do you know how many times I have seen a kitchen worker cross contaminate food wearing gloves? It is all about washing your hands but the DOH doesn’t see it like that. Personally, I am against gloves because it gives you a false sense of security and unless you have a cut on your hand who gives a feck if the guy in the kitchen is preparing my food with a clean glove or just recently washed hands?

Sushi is an art and you need that ‘touch’ to form the rice, filet the meat and let’s be honest folks, it is raw fucking seafood! Secondly, the sushi chefs aren’t grilling burgers here, they are fileting poisonous fish and serving it to those who wish to pay over 100 bucks a roll and guess what? They haven’t killed anyone yet so hey DOH, why not go look for rat droppings or pink slime in the ice machine. Lastly, they already have warnings plastered on the walls against eating raw shellfish and that pregnant women shouldn’t eat it. Why don’t you worry about something more important and let the sushi gods work their craft.

*gets down off my soapbox

These Department of Health guys need to stop jacking with something they don’t know anything about.

I mean seriously, when they have a safety notice about eating something then you really can’t bitch if you get sick.

What you are shocked that I would share the same view as my man crush.

Seriously, the next time you cook a meal from start to finish, count the number of times you wash your hands. I can almost promise that you washed your hands maybe twice and that was after handled raw chicken that had more steroids in it than the WWE.

Have a good weekend and please go order a Philly roll or a crunch tuna roll.


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