Carbunkle Trumpet for Mayor of NYC

You hear that Bill de Blasio? Consider this as your wake up call because I am throwing down the gauntlet and declaring my intentions of running for mayor. As a tax paying New Yorker I am outraged on what I saw this past week. I, along with my fellow New Yorkers, work hard to earn a living and after a hard day we should be entitled to a beer if we want one. New Yorkers are strong and can put up with a lot of crap. We put up with the overcharging of goods, shitty WiFi in the subway, and don’t get me started on those stupid bikes but enough is enough. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is why I am entering the race;

IMG_9414Yes that is a meter maid giving a ticket to the King of Beers on Second Avenue. If the price of my beer goes up because of this…..

Vote Early and Vote Often!

Have a good weekend!


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