It is beginning to look a lot like Christm…….Oh Shut the Feck Up!

I see a meme that said at the stroke of midnight on Halloween that it will be Christmas. I giggled and went back to drinking my beer water and didn’t give it much thought. On marathon Sunday, I peruse the Book of Face and see that my cousin (the one who ate paint chips) isn’t a fan of celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving because her husband wanted to put up the Christmas tree just to see her freak out. Next thing you know is that Starbucks started selling their coffee in the Red Cups and naturally someone is offended. Walk around the streets of NYC this past week and the store fronts are already Christmas’d out and it was 60 degrees this past weekend. Then on Friday I made a call with one of the other sales reps and we walked by Rockefeller Plaza. They were putting up the 2015 Christmas tree, yep it is Christmas. Get over it Janna!

12219447_10205559825254383_7351552953825195812_nEveryone has “That Cousin” in your family and here is mine. Go ahead and say it “Bless your heart!”

halloween-meme-2The previously mentioned Meme

o-STARBUCKS-RED-CUPS-2015-facebookWhoever came up with the idea of putting them out this early is a genius!

IMG_9486Christmas Pop Up Shops at Bryant Park

12065571_10153899482549928_8739661743863237291_nAs seen on the day after Halloween

IMG_9489Ice Skating at Bryant Park – It was 62 degrees that day.


Nordstrom is saying Negative till after Turkey Day

IMG_9473Here it is folks, the tree at Rockefeller Center!

IMG_9472Christmas season or not, it is pretty fecking cool seeing this!

Seasoned Greetings!


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