The Week in Pictures

Congrats to us on living 3 months on this island and we haven’t gotten run over by a cross town bus yet. Ok, enough with the words, here are the pics that I have snapped up during the past week.

IMG_9443My fellow Chef Stalker @Grainbingirl started giving me crap for not going downstairs to stalk Eric Ripert. I don’t have the heart to tell her that he and his wife live next door to us.

IMG_9446Marathon Sunday was pretty cool, next year we will do better.

IMG_9453Can someone please pick this $hit up?

IMG_9421We celebrated getting a Fed Ex package

IMG_9460New view during my lunch hour

IMG_9465Tall ass buildings for days

IMG_9470Found a new Primary Care Physician up here

FullSizeRenderShout out to @Gurleygurl as here is her and my boo Lionel

IMG_9482I still miss me some Tony

IMG_9483I could pull this off in NYC but Justin and AJ would beat me with these if I wore them in Memphis.

IMG_9484So here is where Gypsies shop for those outlandish outfits

IMG_9487Ping Pong in Bryant Park

IMG_9488Bryant Park

IMG_9490As seen in Bryant Park

IMG_9491From the depths of hell we emerge from the subway

IMG_9492The boys at the Cigar inn put some college football on for me.

IMG_9494We do love our “coffee” up here!

Hope you enjoyed the pics


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