The Mean Streets of NYC – “Hey buddy you need some bike parts?”

Given that Mrs. Trumpet and I are now slaves to Mass Transit since we are sold our cars, we had many of our friends mention to us that we get bikes to get around town. In Memphis actually we had two bikes, they collected dust so we sold them before we moved up here. And to be completely honest, the thought of riding a bike in Manhattan scares the complete shit out of me. If we need a bike we can always grab one of those shiny Citi Bikes (right now Maria is shaking the finger at me) if we really want to take our lives into our own hands. Even if we did want to have a bike we don’t have any room in our condo to park that joker. Remember the bike in Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment? Did you ever see him ride that thing and did it ever come off the wall?

Oh park it on the street you say, it will be fine……sure and I have a bridge to sell you. The bike thievery up here is something fierce. Walk around the streets and you will find many bike skeletons still locked to bike stand. To be honest, I don’t understand the need for a tire and rim unless they are selling them to recycling centers for money but who the Feck needs a bike tire? We were having drinks with Maria one night and she was telling us how some Brooklyn hipsters chained their bike to a newly planted tree and  thieves cut the tree in half to get the bike and fancy Kryptonite lock. Wait till I get my golf cart up here, then NYC will love me!

IMG_9560I will just ride these till I become Mayor and outlaw them

IMG_9550Bike Messenger guys park their bikes in packs, makes it harder to steal I guess

IMG_9559They use the serious locks and serious chains up here

IMG_9551Damn, they went medieval on that one

IMG_9561I mean who the Feck needs a front tire?

StolenSomeone hit the Bike Lottery.  Looks like they got 4 bikes since there are 4 chains still there

bike-thief-sata-01_jpg_650x0_q70_crop-smartFound this image on The Google when I was looking for my cover picture. I think this is from Chicago hence the Wicker Park comment but it is funny.

Have a good one.


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