“You have to go visit the mens room and see the size of these things!” #TWSS

What can I say, I have to create some funny taglines to get you jokers to click on my little page. No I haven’t gone the way of Birdcage, I am referring to the Men’s urinals inside the bathroom of Old Town Bar. Let me back up first, last week Mrs. Trumpet and I were going to be down in the Union Square area to see the Christmas pop up shop that we were a week early for and needed drinking establishment advice. I conferred with my drinking consigliore’s and were directed to a joint called the Old Town Bar on 18th street. We ventured inside the joint and immediately said to ourselves “Hello Alex’s Tavern” because this joint screams history.  The bar opened in 1892 and was a speakeasy during the Probation under the aegis of The Tammany Hall. The Bar is 55 feet long and the tin ceilings are over 16 feet tall. We parked ourselves at the bar, introduced ourselves to John the bartender (could have been Andy from the Tavern) and drank a couple of beers. We ordered some wings and seriously they serve drumsticks just like the Tavern does! After a couple of beers I inquired to John where the bathroom was, and he directed me to the back. I walk through the door and there they were….

If any of my readers were ever to frequent Newby’s and more specifically the music venue next door you may recall the huge four foot floor mounted urinal that they had in the men’s room. Well the Old Town Bar has two of them. I get back to my beer and inform Mrs. Trumpet about the urinals and naturally her comment was “So I guess you didn’t pee all over the place like you do at home eh?” *Editors note, just for that comment I whizzed all over that toilet seat that night for her so I could warm it up for her* John the bartender overheard me talking about the urinal and he piped in that the one on the left was date stamped with the date 1910 and have been talked about for years. Seriously this place is great, we shall be back.

old-town-bar-amp-restaurant01We found it right off of Union Square


Have you ever noticed how hard it is to take a picture inside a dark bar?

IMG_9511Bathroom humor CBT? This is pretty low of you, I can’t believe I am still subscribing to your potty humor (get it)

IMG_9512Not much privacy here

IMG_9513Can you imagine the amount of urine this joker has seen? Ok I will stop!

IMG_9514Got to love the new throwback Miller Lite Bottles.

Before you say it, how old is the urinal at your bar?


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