The Week in Pictures

I am getting more hits when I post just pictures. Do I need to find a proofreader? Hey A.F.F. you want to come up here and read my shit for me?

IMG_9565Robopalooza is in full effect as Momma is down in Florida for the week. Everyone from NYC goes to Florida, I hear. Here is a Triple Decker Pastrami, Corned Beef and Salami from Pastrami Queen on 78th & Lexington. The sandwich costs 25 bucks but you can eat on it for 3 days.

IMG_9564We are going to see Boo from OITNB in January for brunch. We are pumped!

IMG_9563Like I said, Robopalooza is a joyous occasion, I was in bed at 10:30 on Saturday night.

IMG_9558Our favorite Pizza Joint on First Avenue

IMG_9552Lots of color today at the fruit stand

IMG_9549This lady sells Churros down at the 7th street subway line at Grand Central. One of these days I am going to get me some of that!

IMG_9546Flower stand on 3rd Ave

IMG_9545Interesting color choice of shoes. She trumped my sock game that day!

IMG_9540We got the NBA League Pass to watch the Grizzlies. My comment before they won Friday night was “If I wanted to watch someone suck at Basketball, why did we waste money on the NBA League Pass and just watch the Nets or Knicks on free TV?

IMG_9538I had a busy day on Veterans day and this is the only pic I was able to take

IMG_9516Filming some commercial on the street near my office.

Have a good one and be nice to each other.


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