Robopalooza in NYC


Momma Trumpet left my ass this past week. She left me for the warm and sunny bars of Key West Florida for a girls trip. I joke that when I am left alone that we celebrate “Robopalooza” where it is wild parties, eating peanuts on couch while throwing the shells on the ground, and the toilet seat remains up at all times. I also have been known to do some type of a project in her absence because I don’t want anybody to hear me curse when I screw something up because I didn’t read the directions. One trip when we had the house on Monteigne I painted the bar and my best friends mother still to this day curses me when she re-painted it Seattle Seahawks colors. This trip we hung some pictures that we had been meaning to hang and I did some organizing of the spices after a trip to IKEA.

 FullSizeRenderI may have visited the Cigar Inn on East 73rd Street maybe once this past week…. Ok it was 5 times, are you happy now?

IMG_9599I may have had one beer while momma was out of town. Ok it was two are you happy now?

IMG_9613I finally got around to getting a frame for the “Thomas Crown Affair” print that we never got around to hanging. Coincidently, this print covers our electrical box so it is a win-win.

IMG_9615Hung the Playbill’s that Mrs. Trumpet’s plays that she attended. I also figured I would hang our notable NYC events on the wall. Here we have, in order, The Pope’s Visit, Hamilton, and Rotten Tomatoes

IMG_9616Visited that fancy Seafood restaurant and then saw Saturday Night Live


Our visit to the Rubin Museum to hear Damien Echols


At IKEA (feel free to make a comment Tia) I found these spice jars and picture ledges so I got out the drill and went to town.


I missed her ass!

Also shout out to our favorite Russian, Alexia, and Maria for drinks and dinner this past week. I found a new Thai restaurant that I can take my mother to when she visits again.


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