The Week in Pictures

IMG_9612Went over to H&H Bagel on Second Ave & East 82nd Street for a Nova Scotia Salmon, Light Cream Cheese on a Salt Bagel. And Scoop I will have you know that I no longer have my bagels toasted per your advice.

IMG_9602Tree down in the Financial District Going up

IMG_9585The Tree at Rockefeller Center – Did you know that they insert branches into the bare spots to make it look more full? The things you learn being a New Yorker.

IMG_9601I would rather my wife become a whore than wear that! Thankfully the Grizz have woken up and are now playing basketball. I can wear my Grizz gear and not feel ashamed.

IMG_9496Need a house or Apartment in NYC? Give this lady a call. #shamelessplug

IMG_9582They sure do plant a bunch of stuff up here in the planters

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be nice to each other.

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